Spotlight Story: Bryn May

Bryn May has transitioned into the 'Year Up Program'  and she will be trained for job readiness and placement. We are so excited for this new season in her life, as she completes her MIP program!

Randy and Linda Mitchell are Graduates of our Men's and Women's Discipleship program. They met at RO and became good friends. Friendship blossomed into caring for each other. They went to the CEO and shared how they felt, and asked permission to date. After a one year courtship, Linda and Randy were married on September 26th of  2015. Linda has been part of our After School staff since 2006. Randy is our Director of Transportation, In kind Donations, and our Vehicle Maintenance Supervisor.

"Linda and I are very grateful to Reconciliation Outreach for being instrumental in our recovery and restoration to God, and we're very happy and thankful to be a part of restoring lives here at Reconciliation Outreach" - Randy Mitchell

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Afterschool Program Update

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We are Rejoicing with Brandon and Christian in their new found faith in Jesus.
Meet eight  year old Brandon and Seven year Christian.  Brandon and his two siblings have been a part of Initiative 23 since he was in 1st grade.  Christian and his 3 siblings started coming this year.  Both families will be joining us for all of our RO summer activities and camps. 

A dear volunteer brought us a story cube that shares the plan of salvation through pictures .  While working on homework, one of our children was moving it from picture to picture as I shared the story of salvation with them.  Several of the children were asking questions, and Christian spoke up and said, "I want to do that right now!"  Brandon said, "me too."   So these two precious boys and I said the sinners prayer together, while the other children watched and listened very intently.  They were excited to tell the other children and their parents too.  They received their very own Bible and Devotion book, and we'll continue to disciple them in the ways of our  precious Lord.

Brooke Dunlap RO Graduate
 After three surgeries, Brooke Dunlap was put on painkillers and soon became addicted. Her addiction grew worse as time went by and her life became unmanageable when she lost everything. She reached out to Reconciliation Outreach soon after and was accepted into the program.  She went through struggles at first and soon learned some important lessons. "I learned that not everything would go the way that I wanted it to go. I learned to surrender my right to be right and learned that I can’t put myself above others. Life doesn’t revolve around me. I have learned to accept responsibility for my own actions and that I only can control my thoughts, words, and actions.” After the MIP program, she plans to go to seminary school to get a theological degree and pursue full-time ministry. She will continue to serve in the RO 2-year MIP program.
Michael Bush RO Graduate
 Michael became tired of living on the streets. "I knew God was calling me to a higher purpose and I wanted to do live His way and not my way anymore."  Last year Michael join Reconciliation Outreach and has since grown closer to the Lord and is discovering his higher purpose. "I have learned that my identity belongs in Christ alone, and now I do not have to struggle with insecurity. I spent a lot of time studying the word of God and began to realize that I am a child of God. I know that God has a purpose for my life." His relationship with his four children has been restored through his faithfulness to the program and his willingness to change. Michael is  working on the renovation of the Brannon Building, and will continue to work there after he graduates. "I will continue to go to church and stay connected with God and continue building my foundation. Living my life for God is the best decision that I have ever made.”

Pastor Jim Tucker
Pastor Jim Tucker became a Christian at eight years old and knew that he was called to ministry.  He has been a youth pastor, senior pastor, and conference speaker. Jim has a Ph.D. in Christian Counseling. He currently teaches and counsels at Gateway Church; he also travels locally and internationally speaking at churches and conferences. 

He became involved in Reconciliation Outreach as a teacher and counselor and was later asked to step in as the director in 2011. “It was wonderful to see people being set free because they were experiencing the love of God. People are hungry for real sacrificial love.” Even though Jim has never had the experience of drug addiction, he has been effective at RO by helping people apply the truth of God’s word and grow close to God.  “It was wonderful to see people’s lives transformed by just loving them, giving them the truth of God’s word, and leading residents into the presence of God.”

Jim’s mission is to equip people to live a victorious Christian life, particularly in the area of equipping people for successful relationships. He has served for over ten years at Reconciliation Outreach as a pastor, teacher, consultant, mentor, director, and friend.  “I love RO because I see the results of RO; it’s an honor to serve because I see people’s lives changed. The vision and leadership of Sister Dorothy Moore inspire me.” During Jim’s time as the Men’s Program Director, he taught the residents many things, one being: how to speak the truth in love in the midst of conflict. “Truth sets people free, but they have to be open to receive it.  God’s love opens their hearts to receive the truth.” Pastor Jim continues to teach basic relationship skills, and how to resolve conflict. He helps residents with inner healing and dealing with negative emotions, so drugs are not needed to cope. 

Glenn Haughton:“Pastor Jim used to come with the whole family on Christmas Day and gave gift cards away to the men in the program. One of the best things that happened to me was working with him, and under him, you will never hear him say anything bad about anyone, and he taught me how to deal with people. Like a spiritual surgeon, whenever there was a case of someone having issues in the house he would bring a biblical resolution to it and made it so crystal clear to help our understanding. He helped us realize that the mountain we thought was in front of us really wasn’t a mountain at all.” 

Eric Russel: “Pastor Jim is a tool used by Holy Spirit to show me the goodness of the Father by speaking truth in love. His message to me, “Eric, will you let me love you but not approve of the sin you’re in?” He planted a seed which opened a door of repentance and salvation in my life. He never compromised the Truth of the Gospel and now speaks into my life as a spiritual father. He provides an atmosphere that honors God’s people and brings glory to God! I love him and his family very much.”

Eric Martin: "I could write a book about what Dr. Tucker means to me! I've known Pastor Jim Tucker for 11 years. Personally, he's always consistent in his love for me. Unwavering and reliable. His counsel and teaching are world class. Both personally and corporately. When he teaches, I can't type notes on my phone or write fast enough in my journal to keep up with the amount of "gold nuggets" he throws out. Although he has a P.H.D and is known worldwide, he makes himself so accessible and vulnerable. He also has an amazing sense of humor. Most importantly, Dr. Tucker models leadership. He just "lifts" a room. His calm, humble, and wise presence is to be admired and modeled. I am so grateful pastor Jim Tucker is in my life!"