President's Update
Dear Members & Friends of HAR:

As a way to "get to know" the Directors of HAR, this month I am featuring Carla Capasso, one of our Directors. I hope your March is filled with success and "Lots O' Luck" in your business!

Make sure to check out my book recommendation as well. Have a great March everyone!
Patty Martinez
HAR President 2018-2019
Director Update by Carla Capasso

Dear Members of HAR:

I’ve only been a Director with HAR for a few short months. During this short period of time I’ve have witnessed some extraordinary efforts by our members and Directors. While I am a licensed REALTOR with Maurer Real Estate Group and own a financial consulting company, my true passion is in Giving Back and am deeply inspired by seeing others do the same.

I believe as REALTORS we work hard and must have a huge amount of faith. The idea of faith and deeds is prevalent to all but not all are as fortunate circumstantially. From there paying it forward is a must for me. Jericho House has formed an alliance with me and is providing tax deductible volunteer opportunities. On March 3, 2019 we worked our first REALTOR sponsored soup kitchen serving homeless, mentally ill, and individuals with addiction. We had an amazing turn out with 2 directors (Gary Spangler and myself) and 2 REALTORS serving. We cooked enough food to serve 75 people. $200 was our initial cost and it was ALL possible with donations from REALTORS. In addition to that one generous member of HAR donated $100 to Jericho project. This program promotes reconciliation with God, Self, Family, and Community. It takes men with addiction off the street until recovery. It gets them back on track financially and gives hope to those that were going to give up. Our soup kitchens provide food to people that may not even have shelter.

HOMETOWN ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS IS MAKING A DIFFERENCE. I’m incredibly proud to be part of this Association that not only takes care of its members but steps out of comfort zones to make a difference to community at a philanthropic level.

If you are looking for ways to volunteer please reach out.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve as a Director.

Carla R Capasso
Broker, BSF, MPA, HAR Director
Carla Capasso is a REALTOR, Consumer Advocate, Credit Analyst, CEO, and sports mom with an entrepreneurial spirit, love of family, and a deep seeded code of ethics particularly in a “consumer sense”. At a young age she attempted sports and quickly found out she had no athletic ability after shooting a ball for the opposing basketball team. She finished the season but put her efforts into her true talent - her wits. She opened her first nationwide Marketing company at 18 and was volunteering on her first presidential campaign trail at 24.  Life has progressed through relocation, education, growth of family, and medical familial setbacks. But her faith, Entreprenirial spirit, hunger for knowledge, and Strong code of ethics has not. Today she has a Bachelors in Finance, near completion on her MBA/MPA, 2 corporations, 2 professional certificates, over 500 happy clients nationwide and 6 happy kids who got the athletic talent she didn’t. She is honored to serve on the board here with the HomeTown Association of REALTORS.

Carla Capasso
HAR Director 2018-2019
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