HART Needs Your Help to Get Dogs and Cats to Safety

Pearl, one of countless sweet souls rescued by HART. Getting dogs like Pearl out of kill shelters and safely to our adoption events can only happen if we have reliable vans.

HART’s success starts with its amazing and dedicated corps of volunteers who generously give of their time, talents and love. Beyond what volunteers provide, there are things the organization can’t do without, including the ability to pick up dogs from kill shelters, transport them to and from boarding kennels, and get them to adoption events. HART’s two vans are in bad shape. One needs expensive repairs and the other has lost air conditioning (an absolute must to transport dogs in the scorching hot summer months). We are told the AC can’t be fixed, so we have no choice but to replace that van, which is more than 10 years old. 

Acquiring any automobile is tough (and expensive!) these days, vans included. We can’t afford a new one but we have started the search for a used one without too many miles on it that we hope will give us years of reliable service. Even used vans are hard to find and come at a pretty penny. So we are turning to the incredible HART community to raise funds so we can buy a safe vehicle to transport precious cargo and keep doing lifesaving work.

Won't you consider donating to this vital cause? We so often turn to you to raise funds for a special surgery or medical procedure for a needy cat or dog - and we are always touched by your astounding generosity. The need here isn't for a particular animal but rather for something that will serve thousands of deserving animals in the years to come. Our goal is $30,000 (25k to replace one van and 5k to fix the other). Any amount you can give will be gratefully accepted. On behalf of HART's board and all the animals yet to be rescued, we thank you.

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