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February 2023

Our next Member Meeting is Wednesday Feb 8 at 7pm....

We get to play with some Gold Leaf!
Cheryl O'Donnell of
COD Decorative Painting will show us options for using Gold Leaf, a brief history of the shimmery stuff, and talk about Kintsugi (Golden Joinery), 
If you feel inspired by all the refracting light, you can gold leaf something yourself or create something to surprise your Valentine with.
You may bring a small item to highlight with gold leaf and don't forget your own latex artist brush; but keep both small. Cheryl will have a jar of seashells to use if you can't decide what to bring.
Let's get together to shine!

Next month, our March Meeting will be focused on the business of the Art Business. As artists, many of us tend to be solely focused on the creative process because that's what is exciting to us. However, art does not usually sell itself. In order to make a living as an artist it is imperative to have certain business practices and systems in place. Join SCORE mentor Ron Weiss as he takes us through the art of doing business.

Gallery on West Pearl

Our Gallery on West Pearl committee had a meeting this week in preparation for the downtown Nashua Perfoming Arts Center opening which is on April 1. (Not familiar with the new PAC? Click here to learn more. ).
Our gallery committee, which is led by Dee Haddad, is looking for more volunteers to help us continue to display and sell works of art by our members. In the past few months we have had over $1400 of art sold out of the gallery! Dee will be present this Wednesday for our Member meeting and if you have an interest in being part of it, please speak to her then.
If you are interested in submitting artwork for our next exhibit, which is focused on large scale artwork, please visit our website for additional information.

"Everything Hollis"

Coming in April at the Holls Social Library HAS is hosting a month long exhibit of original artworks by our members. The subject matter of the artwork will be images of Hollis, NH. All of our members are encouraged to submit artwork for this event. Your artwork must be framed and ready to hang (wire only, no sawtooth hangers please) by 3/31. We will be putting up artwork from 1-4pm on March 31 and the show runs through April.
There will be an opening reception, details on that to come.
If you are interested in submitting work please contact Grace McGinnis at her email by clicking here.
Grace will also need your artist bio and a current headshot. Those can be submitted either to her email or brought along on 3/31.

Voices of Emerging Artists
written by Isabelle Colantuonio

Game Design and Fine Arts: They Help Each Other Grow!

Throughout my first year as a game design student I have learned many different skills ranging from how to design a video game, how to create 3D objects, and how to program different aspects of them as well. The programs I have learned to use throughout my first year in school are Unreal Engine (a game design engine where you can both code and design functioning games) and Maya (a 3D sculpting program used to design assets). Throughout all of these focuses, I have realized that although game design is a digital medium, it is really rooted in traditional mediums. While taking these more technical classes, having additional classes such as drawing or painting really allowed me to improve my skills as well as create new aspects of the games I design.
This semester I have been taking a few traditional art classes (painting and drawing) and I have learned a lot about how these classes work together with my game design classes. The first assignment I completed for my introduction to painting class was to create a grisaille painting of a still life. While this seems like it may not have a big relation to game design, looking at the composition of this still life helps me to think about composition and how it relates to 3D scenes. When I create levels in game design, the composition of each room or area is really important to the narrative of the game. Through learning 2D composition, I am able to translate this to 3D mediums but also keep this in mind when designing these spaces.
A big part of my game design program is learning how to create game assets (3D or 2D objects like chairs, trees, or plants that are placed inside a game) and traditional mediums influence this in a big way. I have recently started my first 3D modeling class and through this I have found that my foundation in ceramics (through taking various ceramics classes in high school) have really helped me to understand this medium. Although it may be digital, having an understanding of 3D mediums like clay or even other sculpture mediums like cardboard or fiber, helps me to understand how to first model these objects digitally but also think about them in space and how they will be interacted with in video games. While I have just started learning this 3D program and have not made a full project yet, understanding these basic concepts really allow me to learn quickly and create better assets. In relation to this, my drawing classes have helped me to understand how to draw 2D objects from a 3D perspective as well. In my class, Drawing Intensive, we are working on drawing squares and rectangles in space and through this I am learning the basics of perspective as well as composition. When I draw 2D assets for video games, they may be a variety of objects (for example I have recently created a sword for a fantasy themed 2D game) and using my knowledge of space and shadows, I was able to make the object look three dimensional, while drawing it in a 2D format.
While I am still at the beginning of my game design journey, I feel as though my strong foundation in fine arts has really assisted me in learning these 3D mediums as well as become a better game designer. While I continue to grow as a game designer and artist I hope to continue to grow my fine arts skills to help me further improve throughout college.

2D Sword Asset
This is a practice asset I created for a fantasy game. I drew inspiration from real swords while also adding specific magical effects and unrealistic decorations to bring it into a fantasy setting. This sword was drawn in the app Procreate on the iPad Pro.

Game Jam “Save the Light” Game Cover - Lesley University LYNX LAN Club Game Jam Winner

This is the cover of the first independent game I have created this year with one of my friends for a game jam (an event where we had 72 hours to build a complete game). This was our first time creating a game on our own so it was an amazing learning experience. As you can see in this image, even the rules of composition came in to play when I was creating this cover, and really helped me choose this image from the game as well as the placement of the text.

The assets in this image were not made by me, they were purchased from the Unreal Engine store, and were made by the following companies:
Stylized Fantasy Provencal by StylArts
FANTASTIC - Village Pack by Tidal Flask Studios
A note from our Membership Director:

DUES ARE DUE by March 1st, 2023. In order to get the current Discounted Member Rate of $40 which allows you to participate in our 2023 November Art show, please submit your dues by mail OR in person at our member meeting on 2/8. If you need one, here is our HAS 2023 Membership Application.

The benefits of being a Member in Good Standing:
-Attending free interesting monthly meetings
-Your artwork on our HAS website with a link to your website, social media, etc
-Participation at our Gallery on West Pearl
-Participation in HAS sponsored Art Shows (April at the Hollis Library)
-Attending art workshops at a reduced rate
-Paying a nominal fee to participate in our November Art Show

If you are confused about your Membership Status, call or email me.
Thank You,
Anne Wifholm-Membership Chair
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