April 1 - 3...-OR-...April 8 - 10
What a weekend we have for you! Our Mentors and Leadership Academy members have been working on this campout for months. 
This is an unforgettable adventure for our 8th graders. Just experiencing this location will be worth the investment you and your daughter will be making in YOUR weekend! HOWEVER, the experience will be enhanced by the wilderness photography. The 'wish list' from our Leadership Academy members included: 
  • Taking dad and daughter portraits into the sunset.
  • Taking clear and focused action shots.
  • Taking night shots of moon, stars, ghost stories around and campfire.
  • Learning how to photograph a vista view with flowers in the foreground.
  • Learning how to photograph one flower with a vista view in the background.
  • And Challenge by Choice... the golden light at sunrise!
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This will be a photojournalist adventure beginning at the Pre-Campout meeting... bring your cameras and start the journey with the final shots of your journal being Sunday afternoon unpacking gear showing tired and happy faces!

Video Pre-Campout Meeting
 Monday, March 28
We will send an email when maps, direction, gear lists, and campout schedules, have been posted to HATS MTK.

Please unload all pictures from your camera or buy a new memory chip for $10-20. Check your camera's battery and if it is older than 2-3 years, I suggest buying a new/second battery as they are $30-40. If you are thinking about buying a new camera for Colorado, do it now so you will learn everything you need to use it. This weekend will help you with a "Point and Shot" or an SLR camera. If you lost your camera manual or print it from the internet by

https://www.central-manuals.com/ or  http://www.photo-manuals.com

If the excitement already generated by the Mentors is any indication of the level of excitement YOU will experience... this may be your favorite HATS campout ever! Do not miss it... hit the REGISTER NOW button above and reserve your spot today!

With you in the Adventure,
The HATS Leadership Team
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High Adventure Treks for Dads & Daughters