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Dear HATS family,
We continue to monitor restrictions put in place by Texas Governor Abbott that are designed to reduce the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. On Friday, Governor Abbott released executive orders that somewhat reduce restrictions that were put in place in March. The current restrictions include:
  1. Continuing to practice careful social distancing.
  2. Retail businesses can sell items-to-go via drive through set up or delivery starting April 24.
  3. No gatherings larger than 5 people.
  4. Schools closed for remainder of 2019-2020 school year.
  5. State parks reopen on Monday 4/20. Strict social distancing required except for immediate family groups.
Governor Abbott has established a committee that will monitor infection rate of coronavirus as restrictions are relaxed and recommend course for further actions. No significant changes to the above restrictions are anticipated in the next two weeks. As we approach the end of April we will evaluate the possibility of being able to offer HATS adventures in late May or June. These adventures are likely to be open to all grade levels and based upon format for Winter campout rather than grade level adventures.
In the meantime, we want to be respectful of money that you have paid to HATS for adventures that we are not able to deliver during these difficult times. Just like many, many other businesses negatively impacted by the coronavirus pandemic (possibly your business as well!), HATS is experiencing financial difficulties.

If it is possible for your campout fee to be made as a donation to HATS, we would be very appreciative of this assistance. Alternatively, please let us know if we can forward the payment to cover your next adventure with HATS. Finally, we understand that the pandemic is affecting the finances of many families. If you need this money to be refunded to you, we will do a refund. Email Megan to let her know your preference.
Thank you for being a part of the HATS family. All of us on the HATS Executive Team look forward to getting back to the important business of delivering the HATS mission in the near future.

With you in the Adventure,
The HATS Leadership Team & Board of Directors