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Dear HATS family,
On Tuesday the CDC provided updated guidelines for fully vaccinated people regarding wearing face masks during outdoor events. The CDC indicates that masks are not required for fully vaccinated people in an outdoor setting, so long as the setting is not “crowded”.

HATS has reviewed the change in CDC guidelines with our advisory doctors to see if this would impact our existing COVID protocols. Our doctors believe it is low risk for fully vaccinated people to not wear a face mask in the setting of a HATS campout. However, the significant majority of our daughters and sons are not yet vaccinated and under these guidelines must still wear a mask if closer than six feet to unrelated people.

As a leadership development organization, we believe it is a fundamental leadership tenet that leaders model the way. If our kids still need to wear masks, then we all still need to wear masks. After this review, we have decided to finish up the final three weekends of spring camping season with our existing protocols. We have very high hopes that we will be able to eliminate these protocols for the fall camping season.

With you in the Adventure,
Chris Bowles & The HATS Leadership Team

cell: 214 869-2687