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Dear HATS Family,

We are optimistic that coronavirus restrictions will not prevent HATS from offering adventures this fall. Our calendar is published and signups are now happening. We will be taking some steps to manage our adventures in a way that minimizes risk of coronavirus transmission. These protocols started with recommendations on the CDC web site. We have further reviewed the protocols with an advisory committee of doctors that are involved with HATS. Here is a link to the protocols document that we will ask you to acknowledge and sign, along with the standard waiver, for each HATS adventure that you attend. Here is a brief overview of the protocols:

  1. We will not have in person pre-adventure Monday night meetings. We will do pre-adventure videos and provide a link for adventure participants.
  2. Please do not attend a campout if you or your student are not feeling well or have been ill within the last two weeks. HATS will refund your camping fee if you are not able to attend for this reason.
  3. We will take temps of participants upon arrival and several times throughout the weekend.
  4. Much of each HATS campout will be done on a bandanna group basis rather than large group, so that social distancing can be done effectively.
  5. We will ask that you maintain 6 feet of social distancing between non-family members. No hand shaking or elbow bumping. Let’s do head nods instead.
  6. We will ask that you wear a face mask if you are closer than 6 feet from a non-family member.
  7. We encourage wearing a face mask during group activities such as name game.
  8. Some games and activities will be modified so that effective social distancing can be achieved.
  9. Please bring plenty of soap, water and hand sanitizer for frequent hand washing/sanitizing.
  10. HATS will sanitize porta potties several times per day, and the coronavirus protocols document includes a procedure for using porta potties.
  11. Please note that you can also bring your own personal facilities. Portable Camping Toilet Or Luggable Loo on 5 gallon bucket.
  12. There may also be some additional adventure specific protocols which will be discussed during the pre-adventure video.

We found during our summer adventures in May that there can be a wide spectrum of concern level about coronavirus among participants on an adventure. Some teams are not very concerned about possible exposure, while other teams are very concerned (often due to underlying conditions or possible immune system compromise). HATS believes that embracing diversity is a leadership strength, and we ask that everybody work together to make HATS adventures a positive experience for all participants this fall. The above protocols are the minimum required protocols. There will be some teams that want to follow highly disciplined social distancing and wear a mask in any group setting regardless of social distancing. This is acceptable and we ask all participants to respect and help facilitate this choice.

With you in the Adventure,
Chris Bowles & The HATS Leadership Team

cell: 214 869-2687