Monday, May 13, 2019
Frustrated by taxpayers’ refusal
to pass Christina School District’s referendum,
Dover lawmakers have proposed HB 129. 

Voters be damned, this legislation would,
“increase funds for a school district…without a referendum.” 

Chairman of Delaware’s House Education Committee Earl Jaques’ bill
“also provides how certain school boards may levy real estate taxes.” 

In a sound-bite: spend and spend –
and install a new system (that IGNORES and CIRCUMVENTS taxpayers) and
guarantees the funds to spend, spend and spend! 

Damn the voters, SPEND! 

For former legislator Greg Lavelle’s response and insights  CLICK HERE.

Once again, CRI Executive Director, Ron Russo
points out the crisis in Delaware’s public schools is NOT money.  
After all, Delaware is one of the top spending states,
while 2/3rds of our 8 th  graders are “functionally illiterate”.  

Instead, overhaul the broken business model! 

Shifting “power to the local professionals makes sense,”
suggests Delaware’s most iconic educator. 

For Ron Russo’s thoughts  CLICK HERE.
Greg Lavelle
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Dace Blaskovitz, Publisher
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