July 27, 2017

Huntington Beach Desalination Project
The Huntington Beach Desalination Project SEIR Certification and Land Lease Approval is going before the State Lands Commission.
The project sponsor - Poseidon has just informed CalDesal that they could use some support letters and emails sent to the State Lands Commission to get this next step in their desalination project development process.
We believe that ocean desalination is an important aspect of good water supply portfolio planning and a good use of local and regional water supplies that can provide water during droughts and reduce reliance on imported water.  
It's very short notice, but this project could use a few more support letters and emails to help it get through the State Lands SEIR Certification. Please take a moment and send a letter and /or email to the address below.
A couple of options:
1. The quickest and easiest way to show support is to click on this link, fill in your name, email address, and city - then hit submit and your message with the generic letter will be sent to all relevant parties:
2. Or you could send your comments as an attachment to:
-  Alexandra Borack, Project Manager
   Email Address: CEQA.comments@slc.ca.gov
- Put "Poseidon Supplemental EIR Comments" in the email subject line
- Put comments on your letterhead - Or just past it in the email body.
- Submit before 5PM July 27th
There is a link to a generic letter supporting this project for your use in your comments.  It would be best to have a pdf of your letter with your letterhead submitted to the above email, but even an email stating support and encouraging the State Lands Commission to Certify the SEIR and Approve the Land Lease would be helpful. 
These Comments have to be submitted by COB (5pm PST) today July 27th.

Click here for the support letter. 

Thank you,
Paul Kelley  
Executive Director
CalDesal | www.caldesal.org  | Email info@caldesal.org