Weekly Association Update: June 15, 2018
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August 16, 2018
Gates Four Golf & Country Club

Player fees include: cart, driving range, breakfast, lunch, drinks, beer, snacks, raffle, hole in one prizes, prizes for top 3 teams with lowest gross score, prize for 1st place team with lowest net score

Beverage Cart $2700
  • Logo placed on event banner 
  • Logo placed on beverage carts 
  • Logo placed in event brochure 
  • Provide beverage cart drivers who can interact with players
  • 4 Players 
Breakfast $1500
  • Logo placed on event banner 
  • Logo placed on dining tables during breakfast or stickers if box breakfast is served 
  • Logo and listing in event brochure
  • 2 Players 
Hole-in-One $1,000 (4 available) 
  • Logo placed on flag on one Par-3 hole 
  • Logo placed on tee box markers for one Par-3 hole
  • Exclusive sign on one Par 3-hole  
  • Opportunity to staff the tee during the tournament
  • Name listed in event brochure 
  • 2 Players 
Tee Party $800 (5 available)
  • Exclusive sign on one tee
  • Logo placed on tee box marker on one tee 
  • Opportunity to greet golfers and hand out fun giveaways 
  • Name listed in event brochure
  • 1 Player 
Chipping $500 
  • Logo placed on sign on the chipping practice area 
  • Opportunity to staff the area, run the contest and interact with all players 
  • Name listed in event brochure 
Driving Range $500
  • Logo placed on sign at the driving range 
  • Opportunity to staff the driving range and interact with all players 
  • Name listed in event brochure
During  National Homeownership Month in June, the housing industry celebrates the important role that home plays in our lives and the benefits of homeownership to households, communities and the national economy.
It’s also an exciting opportunity to help open the door of homeownership to a rising tide of first-time home buyers.
As we’ve  previously reported, recent data from the Census Bureau confirms that millennials are increasingly entering the housing market as first-time buyers. The homeownership rate of millennials –  now at 35.3% – registered the largest gains among all age groups in 2017.
As the nation’s largest demographic group, more than 70 million millennials are poised to dominate the home buying market in the months and years ahead. That means it’s important to both understand  what millennials home buyers want and also help them navigate what can often feel like an overwhelming amount of decision-making and endless paperwork.
You can share NAHB’s  Guide to Buying a Home and  Advice on Financing Your First Home to help first-time buyers prepare for the home-buying process.
For prospective buyers concerned about qualifying for a mortgage, Fannie Mae offers resources on  affordable mortgage options and HUD provides a  state-by-state directory of home-buying assistance programs.
HBAs and members also have access to  NAHB’s National Homeownership Month Toolkit, which contains  customizable articles about the home-buying process and the benefits of homeownership. These articles also highlight new trends in home designs, including design trends preferred by different generations. You can use this content on your website or blog, and in newsletters, emails, etc.
Prospective home buyers looking for inspiration for their new home can check out some inspiring work of NAHB members in our  Start Dreaming photo galleries.
Candidates seeking endorsement:
The HBAF Build PAC Committee is accepting applications for candidate endorsement. Applications can only be submitted through the HBAF website. Please forward this information to local candidates.

Political races that may be considered for endorsement:
City of Fayetteville, Cumberland County, Town of Hope Mills, Town of Spring Lake, Hoke County, City of Raeford and NC General Assembly 

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