April 27,  2018
4th Annual Cornhole Tournament
presented by 

May 4, 2018
11:00 am-player check-in
12:00 pm-tournament begins

3489 Wilmington Hwy
Fayetteville, NC 28306

The STARS Awards honor the achievements of builders, remodelers, interior designers, landscape architects, marketing and advertising professionals, as well as local HBAs. Do you deserve to be recognized as one of the best in North Carolina's home building industry? Click below for more information about categories and submission guidelines and mark your calendar for the gala on Wednesday, September 12, 2018.

NCLBGC Announces Online License Renewal System

The NC Licensing Board for General Contractors is finally moving to an online license renewal system: North Carolina Contractors Licensing Central or NCCLiC. Log on now and establish your profile - it only takes a minute: It's fast, easy and secure. Visit   https://ncclic.org/ to get started.
  1. CLiC the orange button
  2. CLiC to register your existing license number
  3. Enter the requested information:
    1. your license number
    2. a password of your choosing
    3. confirm your password
    4. an email address
    5. confirm the email
    6. tax ID or Social Security number associated with the license
  4. CLiC "I agree" to confirm agreement with terms
  5. CLiC "register"
  6. Look for an email to confirm your account. Simply click the red button.
For the 2019 renewals, you'll be able to use NCCLiC. NO PAPER APPLICATIONS WILL BE MAILED. If you have questions or need assistance, call 919-571-4783.


Please read the following changes to the HBAF Bylaws detailing credit card/debit card payments and automatic renewal. Click here for frequently asked questions about the auto renewal process

1.2        Dues Structure[1]
Membership dues amount shall include (NAHB), North Carolina Home Builders Association (NCHBA) and HBAF dues amounts as listed below:

NAHB $198 (amount set by NAHB and is subject to change)
NCHBA $70 (amount set by NCHBA and is subject to change)
HBAF $282 (amount set by HBAF and is subject to change)

NAHB $15 (amount set by NAHB and is subject to change)
NCHBA $5 (amount set by NCHBA and is subject to change)
HBAF $115 (amount set by HBAF and is subject to change)

Dues that are processed with a credit card will be put on an automatic renewal. The auto payment will occur the month before their anniversary month. Credit card information will be encrypted and transmitted via a secure website connection. This process is for dues payments only and a member may stop the recurring payment at any time by calling the HBAF office.
HBAF Bylaws, Article I

[1] HBAF Bylaws, Article III, Section 1-3

Candidates seeking endorsement:
The HBAF Build PAC Committee is accepting applications for candidate endorsement. Applications can only be submitted through the HBAF website. Please forward this information to local candidates.

Political races that may be considered for endorsement:
City of Fayetteville, Cumberland County, Town of Hope Mills, Town of Spring Lake, Hoke County, City of Raeford and NC General Assembly


May 4
Cornhole Tournament
11:00 am Players
12:00 pm Spectators