January 26 , 2018
2018 Housing Market Forecast

Robert Dietz, Ph.D., Chief Economist and Senior Vice President for Economics and Housing Policy for NAHB
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Phishing Message to NAHB Members
Some of your members may have received an email that falsely claims to be a message from NAHB CEO Jerry Howard "for the attention and perusal of all active builder/contractor members." 
This is not a message from NAHB or any of its staff or leadership, but a "phishing" message from an unknown source. It's most likely an attempt to obtain personal or confidential information.
If you receive it, do not click on any of the links. Thanks for your attention to this matter, and our apologies for the inconvenience.  
For additional information, please contact the NAHB Helpdesk.

Don't Leave Your Money On The Table

If you are holding in inventory for sale a single-family or duplex house or land which you have improved for residential or commercial purposes since July 1, 2015, you are eligible to have the value of these improvements exempted from local property taxes. 
This exemption also applies to single-family and duplex houses under construction or land currently being developed . But, you must apply for this exemption every January.
In one of NCHBA's most important legislative victories ever, the General Assembly in 2015 exempted from local property tax the increase in value of real property held for sale by a builder or developer to the extent that the increase is attributable to subdivision or other improvement to the property. For more information and details on this law, click this link.
Don't leave your money on the table! Apply for this exemption. 

FOR MORE INFORMATION : Contact Mike Carpenter, mcarpenter@nchba.org, or Tim Minton, tminton@nchba.org, or call NCHBA at (800) 662-7129.

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