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In This Issue
Partners in Spirit
Our Pipes Are Bursting!
We are so excited to continuously be a partner with  Berleth & Sons, Inc.  plumbing, heating, and irrigation service. Every year it gets better and better as our relationship grows stronger! Local businesses like Berleth that keep us energized and active in the community!
A Prime Experience
continues to delight both in the kitchen and in the community!
We were grateful to once again be the recipients of a generous donation from Prime Restaurant. We spent an evening celebrating all the Bohlsen Restaurant Group does for Long Island breast cancer coalitions!
A Common Calling
HBCAC was proud to visit the Town of Huntington Senior Center to receive generous donations and plot ideas for the winter with Holli Dunayer and Julia Frangione!  What better partners-in-crime than people who feel the need to be as engaged in the community's well-being as you do?!
Flowerdale  by Patty is a new friend to HBCAC and we are only beginning to work together to get information out there! The network of those who want to see a happier and healthier life for everyone is always expanding!
is a recent partner of Huntington Breast Cancer! It is fantastic to start relationships with so many businesses and individuals to get out information and push us further. They have worked hard, and we are grateful for their donation! 
Outreach in October
Lunch and learn
Emmanuel French SDA Church Presentation
TOH Women's Networking Day
Celebration of Survivorship
Coming up 2016...

Educational Paint Nights

Office Internship for high school students

Students and Scientists Environmental Research Program

Hike for Prevention

Email us for for info and stay tuned for the next newsletter!
Petals for Prevention Charm Bracelets
We are raising funds through the sale of hand-made bracelets adorned with lotus charms utilizing our Prevention Is The Cure logo. Young girls are delicate flowers who are put further at risk for breast cancer when they bloom early! Help us launch our Educational Paint Program focusing on young  girls, about how to help reduce risk with healthy choices.

Please contact friends@hbcac.org to order
Shrink the Pink -  "Prevention Is The Cure!"
In lieu of breast cancer awareness month we are reminded that disease does not have a time frame. Women with breast cancer can't just focus on it in October, just like any other patients can't only focus on their disease for one month out of the year. We are all in this together and face battles every day. Whether you face a disease or are 100% he althy, we all want a happy and healthy life for our families and ourselves. And if we could find a way to prevent, or at least deter in any way, these devastating diseases, we could help each other to lead better lives. It should not be about waiting for a 'cure,' since it still allows families to be torn by the effects of disease. We are the only ones who can ensure we can make a difference in our lives. With little steps we can take to prevent disease as an individual, family, or community, we can move mountains. Stop it before it starts, prevention is the cure.

What have we been up to?!

HBCAC on New 12!
We are delight ed to be given the opportunity to show Long Island what it is that we do through News 12's segment - 12 Making a Difference. Long Island is known for its diverse interests and expansive community reach. Karen Miller of HBCAC was one of the highlighted 12 individuals making a difference on Long Island. Elizabeth Hashagen spent some quality time to find out what we do and who we are! 
See it here!

               FISHful Thinking
One Fish, Two Fish, What's In Your Fish?

We are finally able to announce the release of our Fishful Thinking brochure! It is a pamphlet translating scientific research on toxins in fish into a guide to healthy eating. It focus' on recommendations based on safe mercury levels in a variety of popular Long Island seafo od. 

Quick and easy to read, this reference guide  will help ever yone to make good decisions, especially individuals in critical developmental stages, or "windows of susceptibility-" children, pregnant women, and women of childbearing age. We are keenly aware that exposure to environmental toxins during our lifetime may influence the health of the next generation. There will soon be an online version available at preventionisthecure.org !
Students & Scientists Environmental Research Program
HBCAC was proud to once again sponsor high school students over the summer to work with renowned researchers in an effort to lend a hand in the discoveries about the effects of environmental triggers on our health. The students are presented with unique opportunities to expand their knowledge and make positive changes in the world as a young adult.
This year we are highlighting an outstanding Huntington High School student, Emily Shutman, and the work she did at SUNY Stony Brook University, researching mercury levels in fish! SoMAS at Stony Brook is geared towards understanding the relationship between land, water, and sea. Emily came on board, in Director Nicholas Fischer's laboratory, to do research in the field of oceanography at a perfect time to collaborate with us on our One Fish, Two Fish project.

Guardians of the Future
HBCAC is showcased in the NIEHS PEPH resource center
Check out the video, "Empowering Our Youth: Encouraging Guardians of the Future," on our Students and Scientists Environmental Research Scholarship Program in the resource center! A list of educational materials, the NIEHS Resource Center provides information on environmental health and highlights the work local groups like ours do to help our communities. See the impact our program has on students, their families, scientists, and our neighborhoods.
See the documentary here

Fondly referred to as Kathy Lee and Hoda, the activists Laura Weinberg and Karen Miller were highlighted in an NIEHS publication for their community involvement and collaboration with numerous researchers to move mountains in the academic as well as public understanding of  breast cancer education, risk reduction, and environmental factors. 

"Their expertise and years of experience with community groups and in disseminating information on breast cancer prevention to women have been essential in translating research into meaningful information for communities." 
We are so proud of our Long Island women!!

Check out the  article,

Environmental Justice article abstract,

or the  toolkit, their most recent success!
Golf Outing
 Edge Electronics went above and beyond to create an incredible day of fun and support for HBCAC! Check out the  photos!

SPLIT happens!
Bowling Fundraiser Event was a success 10/17/2015 and put by Nordeen Accardi and Monica Broderick of the Coldwell Banker Accardi Team!
A wonderful evening of food, fun, and friends at AMF in Commack! With bowling, food, and raffles it added up to be an amazing night! Look out for it next year and join in the fun!
Made with love!
We were proud to receive a generous donation from our friends at Stitches of Love and the Suffolk County Homemaker's Council this September! With a total of 247 drain bags, 64 chemo hats, & 440 scarves, we had a reason to join together and celebrate!
"Lend a Helping Hand" 
continues to help those fighting Breast Cancer
HBCAC continues to offer a program of services for Huntington town residents diagnosed with breast cancer. Services we offer through this program include:
  • Food and medical transportation assistance
  • Support group resources & professional resource guides
  • Emergency BC medication & surgical dressings
  • Lymphedema compression garments
  • Housecleaning services, stress-reduction (massage, yoga, etc)
 So if you - or any Huntington resident you know - could use a "helping hand", be sure to contact us today. 
Call us at: 631-547-1518 or email: friends@hbcac.org.
Huntington Breast Cancer Action Coalition, Inc. (HBCAC) is a registered 501(c)3 not-for-profit grassroots organization which was founded in 1992. HBCAC is dedicated to the ultimate eradication of breast cancer through education and awareness. Our mission is to focus on prevention methods while actively helping those who are faced with a positive diagnosis.
To find out more or to donate, visit: www.hbcac.org 

 We have helped a numerous amount of Long Island women and their families to cope with the challenges that breast cancer brings. One of the first problems people face is an uncertain test from a doctor. Our office has done a wonderful job helping people to handle the situation and become proactive.
 The following is a thank you from a new friend who reached out for advice and took the time to write us a note!

 Dear HBCAC:
When I was scared you picked up the phone.
Thank you for being there at a time I didn't know what to do or say.
You helped me to be POSITIVE and I changed from being a passive patient to an active advocate. I got my doctor to call back (the same day) with my complete mammo results.
Then I did what you suggested and asked to be called if there was a cancellation,
my appointment changed to the next day instead of waiting a nervous week for a sonogram.
What a relief: NON CANCEROUS LUMP!!! 
I would thank you from the bottom of my heart but for you my heart has no bottom!
Huntington Breast Cancer | | friends@hbcac.org 
900 Walt Whitman Rd
Lower Level 12
Huntington, NY 11747