April 8, 2020

Dear Home Builders and Remodelers Association of Massachusetts Member,

The health and safety of workers on home building job sites is a top priority for HBRAMA and your local association.

With municipalities cracking down on jobsites not adhering to safety standards, HBRAMA and your local association are asking all Members to pause all work for at least 10 minutes for a national safety stand down on Thursday, April 16, 2020. This effort is led by the National Association of Home Builders and other organizations in the construction industry.

It is imperative that workers on home building sites alter their behavior to follow guidance from health officials to flatten the curve of the spread of the coronavirus. This includes maintaining a distance of no less than six feet with others at all times, limiting the number of workers on a job site to ten, and ensuring the proper sanitation of common surfaces and equipment.

NAHB has developed a packet in English and Spanish to conduct the COVID-19 Job Site Safety Stand Down both in person and digitally (through email and/or text). The packet includes three easy steps to help you before, during and after the Jobsite Safety Stand Down:

  • Step 1: Review the resources in the packet and any guidance from local governments or health officials that may be relevant;

  • Step 2: Plan the stand down. If conducted virtually, forward the “COVID-19 Prevention and Work Practice Controls” to your employees. If the stand down will be in person, strictly enforce social distancing guidelines during the talk. Everyone should stand at least six feet apart and do not conduct the stand down with groups larger than ten; and

  • Step 3: Continuously ensure workers and subcontractors who are on the jobsite follow social distancing and other coronavirus infection prevention measures after the stand down.
Please let us know if you plan on participating in the Jobsite Safety Stand Down and thank you for your continued support of the Home Builders and Remodelers Association of Massachusetts and your local HBA .

Joe Landers

Executive Officer