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2022 Colorado Unofficial Election Results
Colorado Republican’s hoped to pick up several seats, but were quickly crushed by a blue wall. Here’s a quick recap of the UNOFFICIAL results - details will be sent this afternoon.

You can also check live updates here: Colorado Election Results

Winners listed first in bold

US Senate & Congressional Races
  • Senate:  Michael Bennet* v. Joe O’Dea
  • CD 1:  Diana DeGette* v. Jennifer Qualteri 
  • CD 2:  Joe Neguse* v. Marshall Dawson
  • CD 3:  Lauren Boebert* v. Adam Frisch (too close to call)
  • CD 4:  Ken Buck* v. Isaac McCorkle 
  • CD 5:  Doug Lamborn* v. David Torres 
  • CD 6:  Jason Crow* v. Steve Monahan 
  • CD 7:  Brittany Pettersen* v. Erik Aadland 
  • New CD 8:  Barb Kirkmeyer v. Yadira Caraveo (too close to call)
Statewide Races
  • Governor:  Jared Polis* v. Heidi Ganahl 
  • Attorney General:  Phil Weiser* v. John Kellner 
  • Secretary of State:  Jena Griswald* v. Pam Anderson 
  • Treasurer:  Dave Young* v. Lang Sias 
Colorado State House & Senate
  • Prior to the election Democrats controlled both the House (41-24) & Senate (21-14
  • Post election: Democrats picked up 5 seats in the House (46-19) & 2 in the Senate (23-12)

Ballot Initiatives: 11 statewide ballot measures – 5 legislatively referred, 6 citizen initiated 

Referred Measures (referred measures are named with letters - constitutional amendments require 55% approval):
Passed Amendment D – creates a new 23rd Judicial District Judges.
Passed Amendment E – extends property tax “homestead” exemption for qualifying seniors and disabled veterans to the spouse of a US armed forces service member who died in the line of duty or as the result of a service-related injury or disease.
Failed Amendment F – allows managers and operators of charitable gaming activities to be paid and repeals the required period of a charitable organization’s continuous existence before obtaining a charitable gaming license.
Passed Proposition FF – tax increase to support healthy meals for public school students, increases taxable income for individuals who make $300,000 or more by limiting their deductions.
Passed Proposition GG – requires ballot title and fiscal summary for a ballot initiative that increases or decreases stat income tax rates to include a table showing the average tax change for tax filers in different income categories. 
Citizen Initiatives (citizen initiatives are named with numbers):
Passed Proposition 121 – decreases the state income tax rate from 4.55 to 4.40%.

Passed Proposition 122 – legalizes access to and possession of “natural medicine” which is defined as certain plants or fungi that affect a person’s mental health that are controlled substances under state law.  

Passed Proposition 123 – “Make Colorado Affordable)
  • dedicates state revenues collected from an existing tax of 1/10 of 1% on federal taxable income for affordable housing (estimated at $300 million/year)
  • exempts these revenues from TABOR limits on state fiscal year spending (would result in approx. $40 less of a TABOR refund in year 1 and $80 in year 2), 
  • allocates 60% to affordable housing financing programs that will reduce rents, purchase land for affordable housing development, and build assets for renters, 
  • allocates 40% of the dedicated revenues to programs that support affordable home ownership, serve persons experiencing homelessness, and support local planning capacity, 
  • requires local governments that seek additional affordable housing funding to expedite development approvals for affordable housing projects and commit to increasing the number of affordable housing units by 3% annually, and 
  • specifies that the dedicated revenues shall not supplant existing appropriations for affordable housing programs.

Failed Proposition 124 – increases the number of retail liquor store licenses in which a person may hold an interest, and phases in the increase by allowing up to 8 licenses by 2026, up to 13 by 2031, up to 20 by 2036, and an unlimited number of licenses on or after January 1, 2037.

Failed Proposition 125 – expands retail sale of alcohol beverages by establishing a new type of license that would allow grocery stores, convenience stores, and other business establishments licensed to sell beer to also sell wine.

Failed Proposition 126 – authorizes the third-party delivery of alcohol beverages, allowing retail establishments licensed to sell alcohol beverages for on-site or off-site consumption to deliver all types of alcohol beverages to a person twenty-one years of age or older through a third-party delivery service.
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