Issue 22
May 31, 2019
 HC Alumni News
Commencement News!
This year we graduated 115 new Mustangs into the HC Alumni Association! We also graduated our 2019th student in the Class of 2019!

This year the Class of 2019 will be spanning the coasts in 22 states from Santa Clara University to our first student at Georgetown University. The most popular college this year is Texas A&M with 24 planning to attend.

The Class of 2019 has followed many interesting paths from Galveston Bay's youngest captain, to accomplished actors and musicians, to 10 collegiate athletic recruits, an award winning artist (see story below) and others. This class will continue to do great things in college!

We also recognize and honor HC's Class of 2015 as they graduate from college, prepare to take on masters programs, start career paths, go to flight school, or have been recently engaged or married! Please continue to share your life's milestones with us.

As we move into summer mode - we will keep you updated on HC students' travel. Globe Trek students are traveling to New Zealand with Dr. Livingston. Our Distinguished Scholars Program is going to London with Mrs. Karen Stuart. Leadership students are going on a Wilderness Trip to Noah's Ark Campground in Colorado. Chaplain Aaron Morales '01 will lead students on a Mission Trip to the Dominican Republic through Hope International.
Diana "Starr" Dalton Morieras '08   joined us at the Senior awards ceremony to welcome the Class of 2019 into the Alumni Association. She earned her degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Tulsa . During college she interned at both Biz Jet and Mustang Engineering. After graduation, she was fortunate enough to be employed by Mustang Engineering as a project engineer in training.

After serving on several projects both upstream and downstream, Starr landed in sales engineering where she is currently selling anti-vibration products to the US market with Wood (Mustang Engineering had a name change). In Starr's free time she enjoys reading, traveling the world with her husband, and playing soccer.
College Grads!
Congratulations Mustangs! We celebrate all of our Mustangs who are graduating from undergrad, masters, doctoral programs, and military academies! You make us proud - wishing you all the best as you enter the world as leaders.
Ian Hopper '14
U.S. Coast Guard Academy
B.S. Operations Research
& Computer Analysis
Taylor Newhouse '15
Louisiana State University
B.S. in Kinesiology
Keith Crawford '13
Rice University
Masters of Science in
Subsurface Geoscience
Ben Chacko '09
Tulane University
Master of Science in
Cell & Molecular Biology
Elizabeth Wilmot '15
University of Houston
B.A. in Psychology
Kai Mosvold '15
California Institute of the Arts
BFA in Lighting Design
Lauren Evans '14
Texas A&M University
Masters in Financial Management
Forrest Harrell, III '15
University of Tulsa
Exercise & Sports Science
Hannah Voncannon '15
Baylor University
BBA in Marketing
Raquel Moore '14
UT Health San Antonio
B.S. in Nursing
Nick Dotson '13
Texas Christian University
BS in Astrophysics
BS in Economics
Art Dedication - Lightness  by Destiny Duan ’19
On May 15, 2019, HC celebrated its fourth addition to the alumni gallery. Hetian "Destiny" Duan '19 , originally from Shenzhen, China, donated her gold key award winning digital painting to HC. It will be displayed in the Drake Performing Arts Center.

Milan Kundera explored the philosophical concept of weight and lightness in his novel, “The Unbearable Lightness of Being”:

“The heavier the burden, the closer our lives come to the earth, the more real and truthful they become. Conversely, the absolute absence of burden causes man to be lighter than air, to soar into heights, take leave of the earth and his earthly being, and become only half real, his movements as free as they are insignificant. What then shall we choose? Weight or lightness?”

In this digital painting, the foreground scene is of a young child on a swing in an amusement park. The background of the painting depicts a sunset skyline with birds flying across the top third of the horizon. The main character, an “earthly being,” is longing for being as light as the birds flying in the sky. He wants to be free from the burdens of this world. This piece shows my perspective on weight and lightness. I prefer living with lightness than being weighed down with burdens. For me, living a life of lightness often requires abandoning earthly attachments. Sometimes, I find myself also letting go of what is real in the process of detaching from earthly heaviness. It is a constant balance to let go of that which ties me down while staying connected to the reality of this world.
– Destiny Duan
Reunions Are Coming!
We are excited for the upcoming planning of our reunion classes for this year! All classes ending in 4s & 9s get ready!!!

Class Reps & Student Council members be on the look out for emails from the school as we prepare for your reunions - let's get your classmates back together to celebrate!

1974 - 45 Years 1994 - 25 Years
1979 - 40 Years 1999 - 20 Years
1984 - 35 Years 2004 - 15 Years
1989 - 30 Years 2009 - 10 Years
2014 - 5 Years
Mustang Challenge Results
Congratulations to our Mustang Challenge Champions!

We had 20 teams compete and 10 teams made it to the winners circles for the Men's, Women's, Mixed, and Alumni teams.

Shout out to our alumni competitors, Dan Nondorf '11 & Garrett Nondorf '10 (1st place) and Zach Evans '12 & Ryan Reeter '12 (2nd place).
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Teacher Spotlight
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Director of Curriculum & Instruction
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