Issue 26
October 1, 2019
HC Alumni News - Scholarship and Excellence
In 1996, eight pastors from different churches united with a mission to create a college preparatory school dedicated to the highest academic standards for the development of moral character, the enrichment of spiritual lives, and the perpetuation of growth in Christian ideals. This school was built to educate and nurture strong Christian leaders for the future. In our 22nd year, our mission is strong and we continue to instill four core values in our students: Honor , Community , Heritage , and Scholarship . Throughout the year, we will highlight HC’s focus on each of the core values. This month we shine the Alumni News spotlight on the value of Scholarship here at HC. 

Scholarship - Houston Christian is dedicated to providing the strongest foundation and highest level of education for each student to build upon in college and on their lives’ paths. Our teachers, coaches, counselors and leaders work closely with each class and individual student to ensure that piqued interests have productive paths and that success metrics are meaningful. One of those metrics is the coveted AP pass rate. We are proud to announce that this past year, we had an 88% pass rate for AP tests administered to our students. HC had a total of 153 students (10th-12th) take an AP exam. While the test is most meaningful as a measurement of proficiency in an especially rigorous subject matter, it also means they are eligible for college course credits upon graduation. We also are so proud of the 77 students who received an AP Scholar ranking which is granted to students who achieve a 3 or greater on one of 4 levels of achievement on AP exams.

Colleges want HC graduates! Another measurement of success is the amount of merit-based scholarship awards given to students applying to college. Of our 2019 graduates, 48% of the 2019 graduating class received meaningful offers totaling at least $8,471,315 in scholarships last spring. (Note: this amount reflects only scholarships reported to the school by seniors.) We know this trend will continue as we move forward! What better way to reward top-notch scholars than with scholarship funding!

HC encourages students to excel in many things and to see the connectivity of ideas, principles and logic. The Robotics Team won awards in not only robot and software design, but also in marketing, presentation and spirit. The Distinguished Scholars Program continues to encourage deep study into concepts that are interdisciplinary and probative while looking at the world around us. Our visual arts students use technology to take art to a different level. The highest academic standards are being met each day with innovative, well-trained teachers who are always learning and helping students find their own unique paths.  

HC is blessed with donors who have chosen to support our students annually through an endowed scholarship.  The Janis Masonhall Memorial Scholarship for Technology is awarded annually to an incoming freshman student with a passion for technology.
The Janis Masonhall Scholarship for Technology
As Houston Christian's first Director of Technology, Janis Masonhall joined our staff with the intent of establishing a laptop and technology program. She worked tirelessly to create an environment where technology was seamlessly blended into the educational experience and devoted instructional time to help teachers incorporate technology in their classrooms. 

During this start-up period, she always made time for students who expressed an interest in technology and found ways to involve them in the program whether it was helping with laptop repairs or working on the HC website. Additionally, Janis made time to pray for HC students every day. Her devotion to students and love for technology was exceeded only by her love for Jesus Christ. Janis was a devoted Christian who demonstrated daily what it meant to work in a Christian high school. She approached the many challenges a technology office brings with humor and prayer. Janis fell ill while working at Houston Christian and returned to the Lord on February 14, 2004.  She is greatly missed by her colleagues, students, and the Houston Christian High School community. 
The Masonhall family, husband Jim and daughters Erika and Elisa (pictured), established an endowment in her name at Houston Christian because HC held such a special place in her heart. They continue to support the award annually to allow the fund to grow. Each year, Mr. Masonhall attempts to meet with the four current students at HC who received the award their freshman year. It is always a meaningful lunch and one that they look forward to each year.
AlumNight in the Heights
We had a blast gathering at Cedar Creek for our first AlumNight of the school year!

Several of the alums in attendance
were excited to talk about all
our upcoming events - Golf, Turkey Bowl,
and the next AlumNight (date TBD)!

Huge thanks to our Golf Committee members:
Iles Mitchell '11 , Blake Vaughan '08 , and Conner Walker '11 .
Alumni Sightings!
HC welcomed Allen Frans '87 back as a chapel speaker on September 26. Allen is the youth pastor at Central Church in Round Rock, Texas.

We were also joined by his classmate Todd Prince '87 (past NWA basketball coach), and one of our past teachers, Jaclyn (Drake) Rusk '08 with her little Mustang, Felicity.
Upcoming Events
Homecoming and Alumni Round-Up!
We can't wait to see you at Homecoming this year! Houston Christian will be playing St. Mark's School (Dallas) on October 4th at 7 PM !

All HC and NWA alumni are invited to join us at the top of the bleachers for Alumni Round-Up at 6 PM !

We will have some refreshments and Rudy's BBQ ready for you ! Please let us know if you plan to be at the game!
Class of 1989 - 30th Reunion
The Class of '89 has planned reunion festivities for everyone all weekend and lots of opportunities to connect - kids too!

You'll have a chance to tour HC's campus during Homecoming and mingle with all classes. On Saturday, enjoy some barbecue, then treat yourself to dinner in the Heights. The Class of 1989 knows how to throw a 30th reunion!
Class of 2009 - 10th Reunion
Your 10-year reunion is coming up on Saturday, October 26, 2019 at the Oakmont Club in Houston from 2 PM - 5 PM! A huge thanks to Holly (Meaden) Pace , Maribeth (Drake) Pruitt , Morgan Taylor Pruet , and Matt Vaughan for planning this 10-year extravaganza!

Tickets are being sold for $20/person to cover appetizers and drinks. Check out link below.

Password to buy tickets is:
FORE! Get ready for Golf!
Come on y'all!

Take the day and come play! Enjoy Columbus Day (Oct. 14) with friends in
the great outdoors!

Special Alumni Pricing:
$150/person | $600/foursome

We will host a PAINT PARTY again this year for our non-golfers! Be a part of this great addition and paint a masterpiece!
Paint Party is $100/person
Mustang Story - Madison Smith '19
Madison Smith '19 is a freshmen at Texas A&M University. She is interested in marketing and is enjoying her first semester as an Aggie!

 In receiving the Nellie T. Hearn Scholarship , in addition to my academic preparation from Houston Christian High School, I have been able to reach new heights in such a short period of time while at Texas A&M University. This specific scholarship was actually funded by an alum of Northwest Academy, and it is quite incredible how the legacy of Houston Christian can persist in my daily life. Through this scholarship as well as other scholarships and financial aid, my family has been unbelievably blessed and college has become not a burden, but a beauty. 

Within just the first month of being at Texas A&M, I have been overwhelmed with supportive resources and an encouraging, uplifting community. In particular, I was accepted into one of the eighteen “FLOs” or Freshman Leadership Organizations on campus called MSC Aggie Leaders of Tomorrow. MSC ALOT consists of 100 freshmen, two meetings a week, many “family” hangouts, several monthly opportunities for service and leadership, as well as a vast networking opportunity with the Memorial Student Center itself. There are five committees that freshmen can be inducted into, and so the one that I preferred was “Mr. Flo”. For reference, I would say that Mr. Flo is especially similar to Mr. Mustang, but on a much larger scale. Within Mr. Flo, I will be aiding with the communications sub-committee in which we directly contact the judges, students, and other event officials in order to develop higher leadership skills. MSC ALOT has already become a tremendous part of my experience within A&M as it has helped me connect to other freshmen, become a new home for me, and given me the support to get through those hard college days. 

Houston Christian really assisted me to succeed in such a fast-paced, challenging environment by developing my study skills, higher learning capabilities, and even social skills. Without the guidance of Houston Christian, it would have been way more difficult to transition into college, present myself with confidence in interviews, or actually ace my first college exams. This is not to say that I will not eventually fail, because that is inevitable, but Houston Christian has also helped me to understand that failure is a step toward learning and personal growth. It is so evident to me that my physical skills, such as analysis and group discussion and collaboration, were built on a solid foundation, but even more, my mental thought processes were cultivated to be realistic and accepting of negative or positive outcomes. Lastly, I would add that Houston Christian bettered my understanding of time management and how to juggle multiple responsibilities or extracurriculars while still prioritizing God and academics.   

Ultimately, the support from the generous scholarship and the preparation that Houston Christian provided me has allowed me to truly flourish and accomplish all that I set my heart on. College is a time of exponential growth and development for each and every individual. While it can be terrifying, Christians have nothing to fear and neither do Mustangs. 
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