Issue 25
August 29, 2019
 HC Alumni News - School is IN SESSION!
On Monday, August 19th we welcomed all our new and returning Mustangs! Our incoming freshmen class has 103 students and 35 transfer students joined us this year. We have new students from 46 different schools and all of our students come from 78 zip codes!

As we kick off this year, we want to commemorate two years of our monthly HC Alumni Campus Newsletter. We can hardly believe that this newsletter started 24 months ago and we are so proud of the alumni events and communication we have received from you in that time. We have expanded our alumni contacts and have increased participation in events that celebrate alumni, students, and HC!

Our goal is to be a resource to you, your friends, and families. We want to keep you updated on all of our campus events and alumni events that continue to foster our HC community after graduation.

Each year, we love the new energy and build upon our community and faith while preparing our students for a lifetime of learning. Our alumni community is an important part of our foundation and ongoing legacy!

Take a look and see how we have grown! And there is so much more to be done! Click here to see how you can participate.
Senior Retreat - Class of 2020
My name is Sarah Villaseñor and I am your alumni coordinator at HC. As I am in my third year with Houston Christian, I felt that it was time for me to start meeting our senior class earlier in the year. When brainstorming how to best introduce myself to the Class of 2020, I thought - there is no better place than Senior Retreat! Senior Retreat is held at the end of the first week of school. It is a three day long retreat at Carolina Creek Christian Camps.

Senior Retreat outside of a church youth group is a new experience for me. Over the weekend I quickly found that this time is sacred for seniors. Houston Christian has deliberately set aside this time for seniors to get closer to each other, deepen their relationship with God, and create wonderful memories before the year begins.

The Class of 2020 is the first senior class to have their Senior Retreat hosted in the same location as their freshman Camp Mustang. The theme of this year's retreat was "We're all in this together," and everything from the games to worship messages was designed to help our seniors build a stronger community with each other.

As is true with most HC classes, our students love to compete. Our community groups went from playing life-size hungry hungry hippo, building human machines, to designing costumes out of toilet paper and tin foil, losing no time in working together to make each activity their chance to earn more points! It was so wonderful to see the seniors let go of any stress they had about the year to simply enjoy their time together by being creative and having fun.

The last day of retreat started with a morning of blessings and reflection for each senior. They were each given letters from loved ones to read as they entered their last year of high school. The students found their own space to sit and soak in the messages from their family members. These words are meant to encourage them through the coming year. It was an emotional morning for our seniors, but they also had the opportunity to channel their own feelings into a letter they wrote to their future selves to be read on graduation day.

Seniors, faculty, and staff all came away from the weekend excited to see how the Class of 2020 will lead the student body in coming year.
Upcoming Events
HC⚡DC is gearing up for a great year of community building events!

Keep an eye out for their first event
Friday, September 20
Dads Club will host a cook-out at our
Football Frenzy!

Football Frenzy is a middle school preview night and our first SPC football game of the season.

The Houston Christian Dads Club was created to foster a spirit of collaboration and community amongst fellow HC fathers and guardians.
FORE! Get ready for Golf!
Calling all alumni who love to golf - or who simply want to enjoy Columbus Day with friends in the great outdoors!

Save the Date - Monday, October 14
BlackHorse Golf Club

We will host a PAINT PARTY again this year for our non-golfers! Be a part of this great addition and paint a masterpiece!

Alumni Pricing: $150/person | $600/foursome

Paint Party is $100/person
Reunions Are Coming!
We can't wait to see you at homecoming this year! All classes are invited to join us at the top of the bleachers for Alumni Round-Up !

We still have a handful of classes that need a Class Agent to help coordinate their reunion - let us know if you are interested in helping plan your class' reunion!

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Teacher Spotlight
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