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March is Youth Alcohol and Drug Abuse Awareness Month in Howard County

Just Say KNOW

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Email your question about drug and alcohol use and abuse to or mail it to our office.  Look for answers in future issues.

Just say "KNOW"

ids know more than we think.

Never back down from asking the tough questions. 

Only you know

When to trust your instincts.


  What's being said in Howard County:


"As a circuit court judge, I see the devastating effects of illegal drug use on an almost daily basis.

It takes a terrible toll not only on the victims of crimes that may result, but on those that abuse drugs, especially our youth. That's why programs such as HC DrugFree are so important to our community,

empowering the community to raise drug-free teens."


Lenore Gelfman, County Administrative Judge, Howard County Circuit Court 



"Let us join together and commemorate

HC DrugFree's Youth Alcohol and Drug Abuse Awareness Month by celebrating all the hard work HC DrugFree and other agencies across America are engaged in to end the war on drugs.  We must remember that they are fighting for the dreams and aspirations of our children and most importantly, they are the vehicles standing up for our communities committed to drug and alcohol prevention and education.  I, for one, congratulate them and enjoy my collaboration with their agencies so that we can have a lasting positive, impact here in Howard County and across the nation."


Calvin Ball,

Howard County Council

and Howard County Parent 



"Having lost my best friend to a binge drinking incident in college, I understand the value of each young life in our community and the void left when we lose those we love to preventable tragedy.  I'm so pleased to support the efforts of HC DrugFree and do what I can to help raise awareness of drug and alcohol use among our young people."


Mark Breaux

Realtor, Columbia



"I am so proud to support

HC DrugFree as it's a relevant, current and consistent resource for children, parents and the broader community. My daughter and son have both participated in leadership positions within the organization while in high school and have been asked to provide meaningful guidance for the effort - a real plus in reaching teens. Kudos to HC DrugFree."


Buffy Beaudoin-Schwartz, Parent, Centennial High School



"HC DrugFree's programs are so critically important to help educate our youth on the perils of drug and alcohol use.  Participating in the program myself, as a mom, and with my three teenagers, has been a valuable educational  experience for our family."


Courtney Watson, 

Howard County Council and Howard County Parent 





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March is Youth Alcohol and Drug Abuse Awareness Month in Howard County. Throughout this month, HC DrugFree will provide drug and alcohol information, invite you to our programs, and continue to serve as the voice of drug and alcohol prevention and education in Howard County.  Please help spread the word and keep youth drug and alcohol free. Forward our newsletters to friends and community members.


If there is a topic you would like to see included in our newsletters or if you have questions concerning youth substance abuse, please contact HC DrugFree at In future newsletters, we would like to share (anonymous and hypothetical) questions and provide some possible answers. The Q&A is not to be construed as legal/medical advice as all legal/medical cases must be analyzed on a case by case basis. The purpose of the Q&A is to generate discussion about legal/medical topics and discuss strictly hypothetical scenarios. 


As we proudly display our partners this month, you will see a new name on our list; that name is "You" the members of the Howard County community. We can't do what we do without you so we thank you. I look forward to receiving your questions and working with you. Knowledge is power so Just Say KNOW




Joan Webb Scornaienchi

Executive Director, HC DrugFree

Howard County Prevention Coordinator
 KNOW the Cost

Q: What is the average cost of a first offense DUI? 

A:  Think that a DUI conviction is no big deal? A criminal conviction is like luggage, it travels with you wherever you go. You CANNOT get rid of a drunk driving conviction. You cannot get it expunged from your record. You can't hide it from your employer or spouse. A conviction is a permanent part of your record and driving history and will follow you from state to state even if you try to avoid it by applying for a new driver's license in another state.
A conviction can result in increased insurance fees, and possible referral to the MVA's Medical Advisory Board, where you could lose your privilege entirely. In addition to legal fees, a DUI conviction may include the following additional estimated costs:

         Car tow costs $250

         Car storage fee per day $25 - $100

         Bail bond fee - $500 - $10,000.00

         Court fine - possible $1,000.00 for first offense

         Court Costs $57.50 - $150.00

         Alcohol Counseling $500 - $25,000.00

         License reinstatement fee $35

         Insurance rate increase of up to 400% per year based on past history or even complete loss of insurance


Information provided by:

David Zwanetz, Esq., HC DrugFree's Legal Advisor and Associate Attorney at the law firm of Shapiro & Mack who focuses primarily on criminal defense, juvenile defense, and DUI defense.


Film Festival Submission Deadline Approaching!

HC DrugFree is partnering with HoCo Film Festival and we are inviting teens to create Public Service Announcements (PSAs) focusing on combating underage drinking, youth binge drinking and accidents involving youth and alcohol. All entries are due no later than March 5th, 2012. For the contest guidelines, please click here.


Teen Advisory Council  - Next meeting March 5th.

HC DrugFree's Teen Advisory Council provides the youth perspective on teen use of alcohol and other drugs to the staff and Board of Directors of HC DrugFree.  This teen input is used to increase the effectiveness of HC DrugFree's programs, resources, website, and other services.  The Teen Advisory Council is composed of Howard County high school students (public, private and home schooled) who meet monthly throughout the school year.  Click here for more information. ** Free pizza and snacks!



Red Solo cup

 The Underage Drinking Epidemic 

  Click Here for "Parade" Article

Kids Say:
"If I'm bored at home, I get in the car and go buy
drugs and alcohol."
"Drug dealers don't card, it's easier to get drugs."

Facts and Stats from Monitoring the Future 2010:

Daily marijuana use has increased for the fourth straight year.


Teens reporting marijuana is easy to get:

  • 8th grade: 41%
  • 10th grade: 69%
  • 12th grade: 82% 


Facts and Stats from Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Power of Parents - It's Your Influence:

  • In the past month 1 of 5 students in the 10th grade got drunk
  • In the past month 1 of 3 students in the 12th grade got drunk
  • Nearly 30% of high school teens have engaged in binge drinking.
  • Colleges report rates as high as 60%.


Calendar of Events


March 2012


HC DrugFree/HoCo Film Festival

Deadline for Submissions

Monday, March 5, 2012


HC DrugFree/HoCo Film Festival

Winners announced

Friday, March 23, 2012

Johns Hopkins APL

more info 


"Senior Week"

Tuesday, March 27, 2012, 7:00pm

Wilde Lake High School

James Rouse Theater

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"Senior Week"

Wednesday, March 28, 2012 7:00pm

Mt. Hebron High School

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HC DrugFree Partners
  • Howard County Health Department
  • Howard County Public School System
  • Howard County Police Department
  • Howard County Library
  • PTA Council of Howard County
  • Howard County Dept of Fire and Rescue Services
  • YOU! Members of the Howard County Community


Please check HC DrugFree's website for additional information.