October News from Howard County Recycling
Two Shredding Events in October
When: Saturday, October 13 from 9am-1pm (or until trucks are full)
Where: The Gary Arthur Community Center (2400 State Route 97)

When: Saturday, October 20 from 9am-1pm (or until trucks are full)
Where: The Long Gate Park & Ride (5000 Meadowbrook Lane)

Howard County residents can bring up to 3 bags or boxes of paper to be shredded on-site.
Don't Trash Me...I Want to Be Composted
Put old pumpkins in your backyard compost bin or add them to your green cart, paper bag or reusable container of yard trim on recycling day. Woohoo compost!

Not planning to carve? Buy baking pumpkins and make yourself or your neighbors a fresh pumpkin pie at the end of the season - yum!
Lose the Bags - Keep Recycling Loose
Bagging your recycling is not good! Bags are an extra step at the recycling processor and may cause those valuable resources to end up in the wrong place. Keep recyclables loose in your cart or bin. It's the best way to make sure those items can be turned into something new! Worried about items blowing out of your bin? Trade your bin for a small lidded cart! Contact us at 410-313-6444 and we'll make the swap.
Columbus Day Reminder
 There will be regular curbside collection on Columbus Day. The Alpha Ridge Landfill will be OPEN on Monday, October 8th, 2018 from 8am to 4pm.