A Message from HCA President Al Cardillo

HCA will soon reveal findings from our yearly data analysis and member survey. It will feature a range of metrics: Medicaid financial margins, workforce shortages, staff turnover and vacancies rates, all of which underscore an imperative for state budget support of home and community-based care.

Indeed, the data will show some of the vulnerabilities and urgent needs that exist in this vital safety-net, as nearly three-fourths of Medicare-certified home health agencies and two-thirds of licensed home care agencies report that they are operating with rates and premiums in the red.

We urge strong consideration of these factors as state budget negotiations ramp up, and as the Legislature considers Medicaid investments necessary to cover core operational costs (like minimum wage increases), infrastructure needs, and opportunities for home and community-based providers to achieve Medicaid savings through primary care.

We are ready to offer solutions in all of these areas .