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April 12, 2019 
2019 Legislative Committee

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Carrara Nevada serves as the Henderson Chamber of Commerce's contract lobbying group for commerce issues discussed during the Nevada Legislative Session.
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First House Committee Passage Deadline

Today is day 68 of the 120-day session and a significant deadline. All bills must pass out of committee by the end of today, otherwise no further action will be allowed on those bills. As a result, we expect that some of the bills we are tracking will go by the wayside.
Bills Tracked by HCC

HCC is currently tracking 78 bills on a variety of topics affecting business. Here are a few of the bills we are watching for you:
  • AB456 is originally proposing an increase in minimum wage of $0.75/hour per year until the minimum wage reaches $12/hour or more if the employer does not offer health insurance and $11/hour or more if the employer offers health insurance. However, during an April 10 bill hearing, the bill sponsor proposed an amendment that would increase the minimum wage to $8/$9 an hour on January 1, 2020, and then increase by $1/hour each year until minimum wage reaches $11/$12 an hour. As introduced, it would also allow an employee to bring a civil action against an employer who does not pay minimum wage and allow the court to award all remedies available and require the court to award reasonable attorney's fees if the employee prevails. HCC testified in opposition of the bill.
  • SB495 would create the Office of the Small Business Advocate within the Office of the Lieutenant Governor. The Office would provide information to small businesses and coordinate with state agencies and local governments to facilitate interactions between them and small businesses. HCC testified in support of the measure.

Chuck Mohler of Eagle Corporate Advisors and member of HCC's Legislative Committee testifies in support of the creation of a Small Business Advocate Office for Nevada.
  • AB421 is a bill that would roll back many of the construction defect reforms that were passed in 2015. In the hearing that lasted over 3 hours on April 9, there was tremendous opposition to this bill from various entities both in Carson City and in Las Vegas, resulting in standing room only and overflow rooms needed to accommodate those opposing the bill. HCC testified in opposition of the measure.
HCC's Government Affairs Director Amber Stidham testifies during a legislative hearing regarding AB421, a construction defect bill, which would impact builders and economic development.
  • SB434 is a bill with various provisions regarding marijuana. Section 19 is of concern for HCC, as it would make it unlawful to fail or refuse to hire a prospective employee submitted to a screening text and the results indicate the presence of marijuana. It would also prohibit an employer to request that an employee submit to a screening test to detect the presence of marijuana, unless the employer has probable cause to believe the employee is under the influence of marijuana, even despite a workplace injury and required OSHA and/or worker's compensation testing measures that would be required as a result. As of this writing, the bill had not yet been heard in committee.
  • SB493 would create a Task Force on Employee Misclassification. HCC was initially neutral on the bill, but there was an amendment proposed during the hearing that virtually, entirely rewrote the bill and would impose up to $25,000 fine and potential loss of a business license if someone is improperly classified as an independent contractor. HCC testified in opposition and alerted the bill sponsor of the onerous burden and liability it would put on employers.
2019 Post-Legislative Luncheon June 18

HCC will host its "2019 in Summation: Biennial Nevada Legislative Luncheon" on June 18 with featured speaker, HCC's contract chief lobbyist, Rocky Finseth who serves as the president/CEO of
Carrara Nevada.  Attendees will get an inside look at key bills state legislators acted on that will impact local businesses.
IMPAC endorsed candidates elected to Henderson municipal office

Early last week, IMPAC endorsed candidates for the City of Henderson's municipal elections - Dan Shaw, Dan Stewart and Michelle Romero - were all elected to office during the primary election period after receiving a majority share of votes from Henderson residents.

To learn more about the bipartisan political action committee, it's programs or how to contribute to support its mission, click here.

Pancakes & Politics breakfast with U.S. Senator Jacky Rosen May 10

Pancakes & Politics allows chamber members to gain insight on issues that impact the business community. Join Nevada's U.S. Senator Jacky Rosen for an engaging conversation about federal issues important to you - from health, education and labor to transportation and small business matters - followed by a Q&A session.

Amber Stidham
Director of Government Affairs
Henderson Chamber of Commerce