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April 26, 2019 
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Carrara Nevada serves as the Henderson Chamber of Commerce's contract lobbying group for commerce issues discussed during the Nevada Legislative Session.
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First House Passage Deadline, Next Steps

April 23 was the deadline for the First House passage, which means Assembly bills (AB) had to pass out of the Assembly and Senate bills (SB) out of the Senate to remain alive (unless they are exempt). On May 1, we will be on the lookout for the Economic Forum report, which is an update of the revenue projections that were used by the Governor to present his budget. The rumors we are hearing these days indicate that the projected revenues might be less than originally anticipated. That means budgets will need to be adjusted accordingly - tough choices await our elected officials as we near the end of session.

Paid Time Off

SB312 as introduced, would have required private employers to provide paid sick leave at a rate of no less than 1 hour for every 30 hours worked and had a number of other provisions regarding carryover and accrual, burdensome written accounting requirements and concerns about HIPAA violations.

The Senate passed an amended version of SB312 that would require private employers to provide at least 40 hours of paid leave per year (note it is no longer paid sick leave). It would allow the employer to limit the amount of paid leave that can carry over to a maximum of 40 hours and to limit the amount of paid leave an employee can take to 40 hours a year. The bill would require an employer to provide a written accounting of paid leave available and would allow the employer to do so using the payroll system used by the employer. It also would provide that the employee could use paid leave without providing a reason for such use but would require the employee to notify the employer as soon as practicable. An employer within the first two years of operations would not be subject to the provisions of this bill. The measure does not apply to temporary or seasonal employees, or employers who already provides paid time off for at least 40 hour a year under a collective bargain agreement, contract, policy or other agreement.

Minimum Wage Amendment

As introduced, AB456 was proposing an increase in minimum wage of $0.75/hour per year until the minimum wage reaches $12/hour or more if the employer does not offer health insurance and $11/hour or more if the employer offers health insurance. The sponsor has proposed an amendment that would increase the minimum wage to $8/$9 an hour on January 1, 2020, and then increase by $1/hour each year until minimum wage reaches $11/$12 an hour. HCC testified in opposition. The bill was declared exempt and is therefore not subject to deadlines; it has not yet passed out of the Assembly Commerce and Labor committee.

Property Taxes

HCC is keeping an eye on SJR14 from the 2017 session. The bill proposes a change in the Constitution, which means it would have to pass in two consecutive legislative sessions and pass at the next general election in order to take effect. SJR14 (2017) passed out of the body in 2017 and may now be considered by the 2019 Legislature (it is exempt of deadlines). The bill would trigger a reset of the depreciation as well as a reset of the base value used for the tax caps (commonly referred to as the 3% and 8% caps) upon transfer of a property. As written, it would leave a lot of flexibility to the Legislature on how to implement the concept.

NV Grow Program

AB224 would transfer the NV Grow Program from the Office of Economic Development within the Governor's office to the Division of Workforce Development of the College of Southern Nevada (CSN). It would also appropriate $425,000 to the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) to enable CSN to assist and carry out the NV Grow Program, which assists Nevada's emerging businesses. The program is administered by the Office of Economic Development in consultation with a stakeholder group, which does not currently include the Henderson Chamber of Commerce. As amended, AB224 would now include the Henderson Chamber as part of the stakeholder group that would now be working with the Division of Workforce Development.

2019 Post-Legislative Luncheon June 18

HCC will host its "2019 in Summation: Biennial Nevada Legislative Luncheon" on June 18 with featured speaker, HCC's contract chief lobbyist, Rocky Finseth who serves as the president/CEO of
Carrara Nevada.  Attendees will get an inside look at key bills state legislators acted on that will impact local businesses.
Pancakes & Politics with U.S. Senator Jacky Rosen May 10

Pancakes & Politics allows chamber members to gain insight on issues that impact the business community. Join Nevada's U.S. Senator Jacky Rosen for an engaging conversation about federal issues important to you - from health, education and labor to transportation and small business matters - followed by a Q&A session.

Amber Stidham
Director of Government Affairs
Henderson Chamber of Commerce