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May 24, 2019 
2019 Legislative Committee

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Carrara Nevada serves as the Henderson Chamber of Commerce's contract lobbying group for commerce issues discussed during the Nevada Legislative Session.
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Second House Passage Deadline, 10 Days Left to Session

It's coming down to the wire in Carson City! We only have 10 more days before sine die on June 3. Last week, Friday, was the second house committee passage deadline, in which we saw about 40 bills go by the wayside. There are still many bills that are exempt (they are not subject to the deadlines) being considered by the Assembly Ways and Means and Senate Finance committees (over 300 bills!), and both committees are also busy finalizing budgets. The exempt bills include minimum wage (AB456) and paid time off (SB312).

HCC's Legislative Chair, Aviva Gordon of Gordon Law, testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding AB421 (construction defect).

The next big deadline is today - bills have to pass out of the second house (unless exempt) otherwise they are considered dead. As bills move out of the second house, they either will be engrossed and delivered to the Governor (if no change was done in the second house) or will go back to their house of origin for a vote of concur/do not concur with the second house amendments. If the house of origin concurs, the bill will be engrossed and delivered to the Governor. If they do not, it goes to a conference committee that is comprised of members of both houses. And that's where tricky things can happen - the Lobbying Team always keeps a close eye on conference committees to make sure to protect members' interests.

State legislators approve funding for Henderson academic buildings with HCC's aid to support Nevada's workforce needs

Since 2016, HCC has been an advocate and partner to both Nevada State College (NSC) and College of Southern Nevada (CSN) at the state and local levels to ensure two milestone projects proceed in order to serve critical workforce needs. During the 2017 legislative session, and with HCC's support, these projects received initial design funding. Then, on Monday earlier this week, Nevada lawmakers in Carson City cast their vote to dedicate $137 million toward efforts that will educate and train thousands of students.

Based in Henderson, NSC will be the recipient of $67 million to build its education building, which will include classrooms and faculty offices. CSN will receive $77 million to build its health and sciences building on its Henderson campus, which will provide classrooms to educate allied health care workers through a unique learning program between CSN and NSC to maximize resources and reduce costs to students with an anticipated opening date of fall 2021. Both projects also received funds through the City of Henderson and private donations as well.

U.S. Senator Rosen discusses workforce, infrastructure, cannabis business and healthcare during May 17 "Pancakes & Politics"

Last Friday, HCC members filled the banquet hall of DragonRidge Country Club to hear from U.S. Senator Jacky Rosen and discuss issues impacting their business during the HCC and IMPAC's inaugural "Pancakes & Politics" program.

Rosen discussed her commitment to workforce support and training in Nevada and touched on cannabis banking measures, among other policy areas.

Senator Rosen discusses investments in STEM education for tomorrow's workforce with Amber Stidham, HCC's government affairs director.

"Pancakes & Politics" is a HCC member-only, value-add program offered by the HCC. The next program is scheduled to take place Friday, Oct. 4. Details and registration for the upcoming event will be posted to: HendersonChamber.com.

Golden Knights hockey facility slated for downtown Henderson
HCC advocacy work in action to aid in downtown redevelopment.

On Tuesday, the City of Henderson approved a lease agreement to allow a Golden Knights hockey facility to be built and operated in downtown Henderson, at the location currently occupied by the Henderson Convention Center.

Rendering presented during 5/21/2019 City of Henderson council meeting.

The 3.2 acre, multi-million dollar project is a major boom to the redevelopment area and is anticipated to have a positive ripple effect in bringing additional businesses and jobs to the downtown area, which has already seen significant growth already in the last several years with the building and opening of TSK Architecture, Juan's Flaming Fajitas and more. The facility will house a family-friendly restaurant and retail space along with two ice rinks in which youth hockey leagues will be able to use.

The HCC, which testified in support of the project during the council meeting Tuesday and in the months prior, also pulled together private sector businesses in the area to support the project.

Groundbreaking is scheduled for June, with a planned opening in July of 2020.

2019 Post-Legislative Luncheon June 18

HCC will host its "2019 in Summation: Biennial Nevada Legislative Luncheon" on June 18 with featured speaker, HCC's contract chief lobbyist, Rocky Finseth who serves as the president/CEO of
Carrara Nevada.  Attendees will get an inside look at key bills state legislators acted on that will impact local businesses.
Amber Stidham
Director of Government Affairs
Henderson Chamber of Commerce