May 25th Weekly Word
Strengthen the Church Offering

Beginning now through June 5 we will be collecting donations for the UCC special offering, “Strengthen the Church.” Monies collected are distributed to congregations nationwide to support their ministries, pastors and congregants.

The theme this year is “All Together Now,” reminding us to be the church in our world by
coming together and working together. Thank you for your generosity.

Enjoy this short video from the UCC about our mission.
Strawberry Festival
Volunteers Needed

Next week is our annual Strawberry Festival. Are you ready for some Strawberry Shortcake? If you can help in any way on Friday, 6/3 and/or Saturday, 6/4, it would be greatly appreciated.

Things you can do to help:

Friday: Help with Setup starting at 5PM

Saturday: Help with Games - multiple timeslots starting at 8:30AM
Help with Bake Sale Table - multiple timeslots starting at 8:30AM
Help with Grilling - multiple timeslots starting at 8:30AM
Help with Raffle Table - multiple timeslots starting at 8:30AM
Help with Serving The Shortcake - multiple timeslots starting at 8:30AM
Help with Plant Table - multiple timeslots starting at 8:30AM
Help with Cleanup starting at 3:00PM

You can sign up here or you can contact the office at 603-329-6985 and we will help get you signed up.

Let’s make this event a huge success!

As always, thank you for your support,
Your Fundraising Team
Worship Update

We hate to say this, but…
Have you heard…have you noticed? The “C monster” has been steadily but surely moving into our area once again. In our own Rockingham County, the Covid Positivity Rate has jumped from a 2% level to over 16% in the last several months – and that increase doesn’t include the many cases which are discovered via home testing! Local Covid outbreaks are not usually “advertised”, but they DO exist!
As a church that cares deeply about those who worship here, we want to do the “responsible thing”; however, it would be difficult and even painful right now to “walk back” to when ALL Covid protocols had to be in place. We are enjoying the “gathering”…the singing…the coffee hour…and all that makes up our Sunday morning experience! So let’s try this: BABY STEPS! 
  • Social distancing
  • Wearing masks when moving about in the sanctuary…and ESPECIALLY when singing
  • Sitting in smaller groups…at smaller tables instead of longer ones during coffee hour
We can DO this! We have done this and far MORE in some of the worst of times! PLEASE do your part! We’re counting on you!
Thank you--
The Worship Team
Yarn Crochet Knit
Knitting, Crochet, and Hand Work Group

Beginning in August, we will be offering a Fiber Arts (knitting, crochet, hand work, etc.) gathering the 4th Saturday of each month from 10am-noon in Hadley Hall. All skill levels are welcome and no commitment is needed--drop in when you can. All in the community and area are welcome to attend.

Please pass the word! Our first gathering will be held on August 27th. For more information, contact Bea at 329-4241.
In Memoriam

We are saddened to share the news that Harry Santacrose passed into eternal life last Wednesday, 5/11/22.

There will be a service held here at HCC on Saturday, May 28th at 11AM.

Immediately following the service, family and friends are invited to gather at Jamison's Restaurant, 472 State Route 111 in Hampstead for lunch.

Please join in praying for Bernice and their family.
May Harry rest in peace and may his memory be a blessing.
Steeple Lit May 26 – June 1

To celebrate Mackenzie graduating from BU with a Bachelor of Arts in History and Arabic Minor. Frank graduating from SNHU with a Masters of Science in Accounting-Taxation. Mackenzie & Frank celebrating their Jack & Jill wedding shower. Love, The Finocchiaros
June Birthdays

We are continuing to only list First names and last initial to minimize scamming issues with personal information being shared via electronic documents.

Happy Birthday to:

Roxanne M 6/01
Sue L 6/02
Allison L 6/02
Bridget M 6/07
Maria K 6/08
William M 6/15
Eric C 6/18
Seneca M 6/20

If you would like your birthday recognized, please call the office to make sure we have it in our records!
Worship This Week

Please join us in the sanctuary
or online at 10am for the
Ascension Sunday

Note that the positivity rate for Covid is again high in our county (over 10%). Please consider following Covid protocols until this latest wave subsides--see the Worship Team update above

Please join us for coffee hour after the service.

The service will be live streamed through Facebook Live here or on 3CX here.

 artwork: Music of Life © Mary Southard
A Word from Peace & Justice

I used to have a similar thought (in bold). Some of my friends were using different language to talk about suffering people. For example, "a person experiencing drug abuse disorder" as opposed to "a drug addict" seemed like a lot of words to say the same thing. In discussion with my friends I learned how the quick label was very damaging to the person described and also allowed society to be off the hook by implying that the person is at fault for their suffering. This response by Nicole at Anti-Racism Daily is a good response to "why bother?"

Study Hall: Does inclusive language even matter?

"I guess some readers here appreciate learning about new words and phrases. But to me, it feels like overkill. I don’t think we need to be SAYING things differently as long as we’re doing things differently. It’s like how people get upset about using the n-word even though Black people use it all the time."

"Thanks for sharing your perspective. Obviously, I disagree – or we wouldn’t focus on sharing language. First, the words we use are how we communicate action. It’s important that we leverage language that reframes the situation at hand. The phrase “criminal legal system,” for example, roots people in an understanding that what we see is not justice, that the law can’t deliver that, and we need to think more broadly about how we support one another.

Changing our language, too, is a form of action. It might feel more passive than marching down the streets or creating a mutual aid network, but it’s important nonetheless. And often, language changes are a result of that work – from tired advocates recognizing that better words are necessary to carry the work they rally for. Let’s not diminish their labor in redefining how we show up.

Lastly, I see the language we use as part of our commitment to the change we wish to see. We can learn much from one another in just how we choose to craft sentences. The last one in your question, for example, signals to me that you don’t see the harm in using a derogatory, offensive term wielded by white people against Black people because Black people and Black culture has worked hard to reclaim the word as one of its own. It’s dismissive not just of the history of the word itself, but the broader work to center and elevate my community. And it detracts from the work at hand."

See this and other discussions at ARD.

New Hampshire Conference UCC Weekly News

We thought you might enjoy reading the NH Conference UCC weekly newsletter. You can read it with this link.

Each week, we will update this section of our Weekly Word with the new link for the current newsletter.
Missions Opportunities:
Food Drive to Support
Saint Anne Ecumenical Food Pantry

The New needs for the Food Pantry are:
canned ravioli (or similar)
salad dressings
cans of grated cheese
pasta sauce

Please drop off any donations in the foyer of Hadley Hall

Thank you for all your support!
Next volunteer opportunity will be on Wednesday, June 22. If you are interested in volunteering contact Jane DeRosa via email
Volunteer @ Soup Kitchen
The Sonshine Soup Kitchen needs volunteers to prepare and package the food for "To Go Meals." We partner with Atkinson Congregational Church once a month on the 4th
Wednesday of the month to help out from 3-6pm.

Blankets for Project Linus

For those of you who have been busy sewing, quilting, knitting, or crocheting, we have an new opportunity to donate those handmade items!

We located a national organization that has local chapters called Project Linus ( This organization's mission is "to provide love, a sense of security, warmth and comfort to children who are seriously ill, traumatized, or otherwise in need through the gifts of new, handmade blankets and afghans". Blankets are given to children in need through NH.

*We welcome all styles of blankets made in child-friendly colors/prints.
*Crocheted, knitted, quilted (100% cotton or flannel), fleece….you don’t have to be an expert!
*Blankets must be NEW, HANDMADE and WASHABLE.
*Fabric blankets can be quilted by machine, hand or tied. If you are tying the blanket make sure the ends are trimmed to 1” and the knots are secure.
*Please do not add any embellishments to the blankets such as buttons that could be swallowed by a child.
*If you are using a no-sew fleece pattern, please be sure to trim off both selvages FIRST. Not sure what selvages are? Ask the clerk who is cutting your fleece to please show you, they’re those odd looking edges at the top and bottom of the piece you have, sort of raggy looking.
*We accept all sizes of blankets. We donate to children, infants through teen years, so any size is appropriate. Baby blankets are typically 36”X36” or 36”X42”, toddler-pre-teen are typically about 40”X60”, and teen blankets are at least 60"X72".

Blankets can be dropped off in the entry way of Hadley Hall.

Thank you for your support of this project!
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Also, any email from Pastor Kathy will always have her signature line on the bottom with her phone number/address.

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