September is National Recovery Month

Dear HCC Member:
Fall is here, school is back in session and HCC is moving forward with or without our grant. Here is the September HCC Newsletter and we've included some valuable resources for you regarding National Recovery Month.

As per our last meeting we have divided into sub-committees and are meeting in teleconferences separately. Then, our first new HCC group meeting will be on October 3rd at 12:00 on a teleconference call.

Also, if you are new to HCC or just learning about the coalition, you can find us on Facebook @yourlife-yourchoicehcc or you can find more information on our website: .

If you have an event scheduled or information to share for this newsletter or for our Social Media sites, please send it to Liz Threehouse at : with HCC in the subject line.
Thank you all for that you do in the community!
The 3rd Annual Youth Summit
The Cattaraugus County Youth Prevention Committee is pleased to announce the 3rd Annual Youth Prevention Summit!

Open to school faculty, parents, and youth in Grades 7-11. 
Please join us for a day of learning with several new topics this year!
September is National Recovery Month.
Every September, SAMHSA sponsors Recovery Month to increase awareness and understanding of mental and substance use disorders and celebrate the people who recover. The 2019  theme  is Join the Voices for Recovery: Together We Are Stronger. Read More
National Recovery Month Toolkit
Each year, Recovery Month creates a toolkit to help individuals and organizations increase awareness of the power of recovery. The kit provides tips and resources for planning Recovery Month events and distributing information in communities across the nation.

Stories of Recovery

A Better Way Of Living

I believe we are solely responsible for our choices, and that we have to except accountability for them. But, how can we make the right choice, if we don’t know.   Read more

Rise Above The Addiction

As a young one, most people would meet me and then decide that I was either just shy, or cold and mean. I quickly learned that drinking alcohol relaxed my naturally cautious nature, and it allowed me to be open and spontaneous around strangers. Having a buzz also magically removed all of my self-doubt, and I started portraying this weird chatty Cathy personality. Sadly, I always felt accepted and liked by any group of strangers, as long as I was drinking.    Read more
Devin's Story of Recovery

Please join our teleconference HCC meeting at 12:00
on October 3rd!
Help Is Only A Phone Call Away!
Youth Crisis Hotline Information
  Cattaraugus Community Action
24-Hour Crisis Hotline  (888) 945-3970
Olean General Hospital
24-Hour Crisis Hotline  (800) 339-5209
24-Hour Crisis Text Line: Text HOME to 741741

Youth Summit & Suicide Prevention Lifeline
October 17th