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May 2017                                                                                                          Issue 1
We are thrilled to welcome you to our first monthly newsletter. Every month we hope to share with you news about our mission to transform the health care landscape and our progress along the way.

We hope you'll take some time to read more about our exciting journey. Visit us at hccinstitute.org and look for our new website this summer. 
Yours in Health,
Tom Cornwell, MD

"Learning is the beginning of wealth. Learning is the beginning of health. Learning is the beginning of spirituality."    - Jim Rohn 
Where Does Our Compass Point Us?

When you are traveling a path that others have been on you use a map. The map tells you what to expect and which way to go. However, when you are exploring new territory a map is useless. Instead, you need a compass. A compass can't tell you what to expect, but it can ensure that you are always headed in your intended direction.

At HCCI we find the metaphor of the compass galvanizing. Our plan to close the home-based primary care gap in this country by increasing education and support for the concept and training a new generation of home-based care...

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Home-Based Primary Care Providers: 
Education & Training

One of the most important elements of our five-year strategic plan is the development of a curriculum for home-based primary care (HBPC) providers. 

Watch more from Barb
Work, Data and Storytelling:
Barbara Sutton, APRN, ACHPN

We caught up with Barb in a brief moment of calm in her busy day. The daughter of a cardiologist, Barb has been making house calls since her childhood. 

Home-Based Primary Care:
The Time is Now
The Perfect Storm

The focus of the Home Centered Care Institute is to advance home-based primary care within our communities by developing house call practice models, providing workforce education and creating supportive services for HBPC programs. Learn more about the social and economic forces making home-based primary care so critical today. 

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