HCD releases SB 9 fact sheet to aid local jurisdictions in
implementing SB 9

Department announces it has received complaints about
SB 9 implementation in 29 jurisdictions
If warranted HCD Housing Accountability Unit will investigate claims of jurisdictions evading SB 9
The California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) released an SB 9 Fact Sheet as a resource to local agencies, homeowners, and other stakeholders. The fact sheet provides a high-level overview of key parts of the law and addresses common questions received by HCD from local agency staff and members of the public over recent months.
SB 9 represents an important tool for creating more housing opportunities in single-family residential communities throughout the state and a key strategy to help solve California’s housing crisis.
HCD does not have authority to enforce SB 9, but violations of SB 9 may violate other statutes over which HCD does have enforcement authority, including:
  • Housing Element Law
  • Housing Crisis Act of 2019
  • Accessory Dwelling Unit Law
  • Housing Accountability Act
As local jurisdictions implement SB 9, including adopting local ordinances, it is important to keep these and other housing laws in mind. As of today, the Housing Accountability Unit (HAU) has received 29 complaints about local SB 9 implementation ordinances that it is currently investigating for potential violations of state law. The HAU is coordinating with the California Office of the Attorney General on SB 9-related complaints.
As part of the 2021-2022 state budget, HCD received additional staff to grow its accountability efforts and formed the HAU. While education and technical assistance is always the first step in HCD’s accountability efforts, the HAU holds jurisdictions accountable for their housing element commitments and other state housing laws. 
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