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May 2020
Principal's Corner
Dear HCE Parents and Guardians,
We've been in virtual learning for 5 full weeks now and will continue on through June 11 . I have been so impressed with our students' resilience. They have worked hard learning in different ways. I realize that alongside each student is a parent, guardian or family member that is helping that student with the work expectations and the technology. I saw this happening last week during some of the "Friendly Faces" Google Meets. Parents actually seemed happy to see us too. I have always been grateful for your partnership but now more than ever that is apparent. We know that this is tough but so are we! Together we are teaching our children so many lessons. The lessons are not just about improving reading, writing or math skills but how to adjust and make the best of bad situations, how to learn that it's okay to make mistakes as long as you work to fix them and most of all that by staying home and being safe we have shown the highest level of respect and love for each other. I know that we all wish we could be together under our HCE roof but I know that day will come again and we will appreciate it more than ever before. Stay well!
Warm Regards,
Mrs. Komas
May Important Dates
4-8 Teacher Appreciation Week
6 School Nurses Day
10 Mother's Day
25 Memorial Day - No School
Kids Heart Challenge Fundraiser
Our Kids Heart Challenge (KHC) goal for this year was to raise $11,000. Our HCE Community did an awesome job and raised $11,962.56!!!! Our students, families and the community really opened their Hearts to help others. The money we raise goes toward Heart Health Education and Research. Also, I received an email from our KHC Representative regarding the "Thank You Gifts". The "Thank You Gifts" are packaged and ready to ship, however, due to the current COVID-19 situation, shipping will not take place until school resumes. Everyone will be getting their "Thank You Gifts" at a later date. Stay safe!
Volunteers, Thanks for Making a Difference!
The staff and students would like to thank all of the volunteers that spent time helping at school this year. The time you've given to make HCE an outstanding school is truly appreciated! Thanks to classroom volunteers, field trip chaperones, PTO Executive Board members, committee chairs and their team members, and the efforts of all who donated time.
Teamwork makes the dream work!
Classroom Planning for 2020-21
Before the school year ends we will begin to work on classroom placements for the upcoming school year. The teachers and Mrs. Komas work carefully to consider academic and social needs of the student in order to create a balanced classroom of students who will work well together. Teacher requests should be submitted to Mrs. Komas by email (lkomas@whitnall.com) NO LATER THAN Friday, May 22 and must list two teacher choices to be considered. While we don’t encourage requests, we recognize that parents have input that may be important to consider in the placement process. Also please note that in grades 2-5 your child will have multiple teachers due to content area specialization and/or co-teaching. The teacher assignments are listed below.
Please understand that room placements are at the discretion of the Principal along with staff input.
K4 :     Mrs. Kenaston and Mrs. Tieman
K5 :      Ms. Dorschner, Mrs. McDermott, Mrs. Rantala, Ms. Yust
Grade 1 :   Mrs. Buelow, Mrs. Glick, Mrs. Matusin, Mrs. Nowak
Grade 2 : Mrs. Krall (Math & Science), Mrs. Yahnke (Reading & Social Studies)
These classrooms will "switch" to the other teacher for the subjects listed.
Mr. Morzy & Mrs. Schmidt are co-teaching all subjects. This is a double-sized classroom.
Grade 3 :   Mrs. Kizaric (Reading & Science), Ms. Rendall (Math & Social Studies). These classrooms will "switch" to the other teacher for the subjects listed.
Ms.Lopez.(Senger) & Mrs. Schnoor are co-teaching. This is a double-sized classroom. 
Students in grades 4 and 5 will be assigned a homeroom teacher. This teacher will instruct on the content/subjects listed below and also Writing. Students will move to the partnered teacher as listed.
Grade 4 :   Mrs. Baer (Math & Science) & Mrs. Lind (Reading & Social Studies)
Ms. Miller (Math & Science) & Ms. Sarenac (Reading & Social Studies)
Grade 5 :   Mr. Rogan (Math & Science) & Mrs. Thomas (Reading & Social Studies)
Mrs. Kuntz (Reading & Social Studies) & Mrs. Temple (Math & Science)
Online 2020-21 Registration for Returning Students

Online registration/verification for current Whitnall students will begin in late May/early June. You will receive an email notification regarding when you can complete this process. If you need assistance accessing your Infinite Campus parent portal, please contact Kay Larson at 414-525-8526 or klarson@whitnall.com .
Hales Corners Elementary
11320 W. Janesville Road
Hales Corners, Wisconsin 53130
414-525-8800 (office)
414-525-8801 (fax)