Industry News | July 26, 2016

It's become big business  to give back in the San Francisco Bay Area.
The  top 80 Largest Bay Area Corporate Philanthropists gave more than $287 million in cash to Bay Area  charitable  organizations in fiscal year 2015, alone  - and  $2.5 billion in cash worldwide. These cash donations are in addition to volunteer hours, pro bono work and in-kind giving, all of which combine  to create vibrant and healthy neighborhoods in which to work and live.    Read More. 

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The Secret to Your Success? Get to Know Your Customer.

Data is a critical asset for today's Media organizations. From integrating data across the supply chain, to streamlining editorial and content creation processes, to creating great experiences - the right data strategy can mean the difference between staying ahead or falling off the radar.  It's not just internal data that has to be part of the strategy. 

The most innovative media organizations are looking outside their organizations to understand how their customers relate to their content and products. Truly knowing user context provides unique advantages for creating great immersive experiences, including the voice of the customer for better insights, maintaining their advertising value and fostering great customer relationships.

In this webinar, MarkLogic's CTO for Media & Entertainment, Matt Turner, and Chief Content Officer, Diane Burley, will look at how this data strategy is impacting the industry and how MarkLogic customers like ALM, NBC, and Mitchell1 are finding success connecting with their customers. Sign Up.
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