2017 Annual Forum - It's Official!
The 2017 HCEG Annual Forum will be held at the  Thompson Hotel in Nashville, TN on September 18th through the 20th. While the details of the sessions, speakers, proceedings and other aspects of the event are still being developed, HCEG members can be assured of an informative and enjoyable forum and opportunity to interact with and learn from other healthcare executives.

Remember that attendance at the HCEG Annual Forum is included in your annual membership fee. More information on the forum will be forthcoming soon.
"Collections" for 2017 HCEG Top 10 Items
A Twitter Collection, which is a curated list of tweets containing articles, studies, white papers, commentary and other information, has been created for EACH of the HCEG's 2017 Top 10 items.  These collections will be curated on a go-forward basis; so when you're looking for specific information pertaining to one of the HCEG Top 10 items, be sure to check out the new 2017 HCEG Top 10 Collections.
2017 HIMSS Conference & Exhibition
Many HCEG members and sponsor partners will be attending the massive 2017 HIMSS Conference & Exhibition event in Orlando, FL on February 19 through the 24th. Over the following weeks leading up to that event, HCEG and its sponsor partners will be sharing information about specific sessions, meet-ups and other conference-related proceedings and information that may be of interest to HCEG members and associates. 

In addition, a special focus will be made on identifying, curating and sharing conference related information in advance of, during and after the HIMSS conference.  Stay tuned to these newsletters and HCEG's digital channels for more information.
Update on The Industry Pulse Research
HCEG Sponsor Change Healthcare is wrapping up the analysis of the research survey data based on HCEG's 2017 Top 10 Priorities, Issues & Capabilities list. A webinar is be assembled to present the Industry Pulse results along with some  assessment of what the data says, and some interpretation of what the results might indicate across the following topic areas:
  • The Current State of Clinical & Data Analytics
  • Privacy & Security in a Data Driven Environment
  • Customer Service: Cost vs Quality Transparency 
The webinar should be available in the near future and recipients of this newsletter will be made aware of the details 
Sponsor Partner Perspectives
An Enterprise Data Strategy for Powering Healthcare Modernization and Innovation.

Earlier this week, HCEG sponsor partner 
MarkLogic hosted a panel on sharing information on enterprise data / digital transformation strategies and using the agility of next gen tech solutions to integrate data and operationalize these strategies.

HCEG Board Members Bill Gaynor of MarkLogic and Dr. David DiLoreto of GE Healthcare were among the panelists. A recording of the presentation can be  found here.
Worth a Read
In addition to this blog, HCEG also shares healthcare and related information on a regular basis across our digital channels.  The information shared includes case studies, short and long-form blog posts, white papers, opinion pieces and other information and artifacts of likely interest to HCEG members, sponsor partners and associates.

For instance, the following were shared earlier this week via the @HCExecGroup Twitter account:

Reminder: Take 2 Question Survey
In order to better focus our efforts, we're asking our members to help us with two things:
  1. Identify three of the HCEG Top 10 items you're most interested in.
  2. Identify any conferences and events you will or may be attending; or which you would like to attend but will be unable to attend.
The results of this two question survey will help us drive 2017 content and programming.

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