HCEG Annual Forum | August 17, 2016

Payment Reform:
Exploring Technology Implications for Health Insurers
Payment reform is much talked about, often written about and now becoming real in today's world. The move to value-based reimbursements and other new business models is an inevitable reality that is dramatically reshaping the US healthcare system. The underlying technology systems health insurers are using to run their businesses must have the agility to
change as new business models are introduced. Otherwise, there is tangible risk of those health plans being left behind.
This webinar will explore the technology implications for health insurers as they face the swelling wave of payment reform. Using the recent MACRA rule as a case study, executives from Medica and HealthEdge will discuss how:
  • health plans must be ready to capture data related to new quality and performance measures
  • to leverage a technology infrastructure with the agility to manage new benefit and payment models quickly and efficiently
  • health plans can adjust the way services delivered are reimbursed while embracing new models

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