HealthSparq Webinar Today: Using Incentives to
Drive Shopping Behavior

Today, Tuesday, December 13 th at 10:00am PST, HCEG sponsor partner HealthSparq will be presenting a webinar on "Using Incentives to Drive Healthcare Shopping Behaviors." The following will be presented during the webinar followed by a Q & A session:
  1. Learn when -and when not- to use rewards to encourage transparency tool use 
  2. What level of rewards you should offer to encourage use of transparency tools 
  3. Who to offer rewards to for the greatest success  
  It's been a busy December for
HCEG Members and Sponsors!
So far December has proven to be an information-packed, event-filled month for HCEG members and its sponsor partners - starting with HCEG's Executive Leadership Forum (ELF) on December 5th and quickly followed by HCEG's attendance and presentation at AHIP's Consumer Experience & Digital Health Forum on December 6th through the 8th.

And on Tuesday, December 13th, HCEG sponsor partner HealthSparq will be presenting a webinar on "Using Incentives to Drive Healthcare Shopping Behaviors." HCEG members are encouraged to attend this webinar as it presents important information widely discussed at the recent AHIP events.

Executive Leadership Forum at AHIP's Innovation Lab

In advance of AHIP's Consumer Experience & Digital Health Forum starting December 6th, about 30 HCEG members and sponsor partners met at AHIP's Innovation Lab in Chicago for a members-only HCEG Executive Leadership Forum event where attendees were treated to the following:
Presentation by HCEG Member Dr. David DiLoreto

Dr. DiLoreto shared his perspective on value-based care and some approaches health plans, providers and health systems should consider. Two interesting comments made by Dr. DiLoreto included:

"It seems like there are more people keeping score than playing the game"

"The government is far out front of private industry on value-based reimbursement"

Highlights of Consumerism and Transparency Topics

Stuart Hanson and Tate McDaniel from HCEG sponsor Change Healthcare offered an informal view into the theme of the AHIP forum: consumerism and transparency supported by digital health tools. Spirited discussion occurred throughout Stuart's and Tate's presentation.

Early Look at the Industry Pulse Survey Results

Chris Link of Change Healthcare offered attendees an early look at the results of "The Industry Pulse" survey developed by Change Healthcare in partnership with HCEG. The presentation materials prepared by Chris highlighted how certain challenges - like Privacy & Security - may be settling into a new normal in the healthcare industry. There was also quite a bit of discussion on certain responses to the survey's open-ended questions.

Note: Additional information on HCEG's Executive Leadership Forum and the various presentation materials shared during the forum will be shared with HCEG members only via a separate email later this week. Keep an eye out for that.

Tour of AHIP Innovation Lab 

To keep ELF attendee's going after a very nice, catered lunch, Executive Leadership Forum attendees were provided with a tour of AHIP's Innovation Lab by Rahul Dubay - AHIP Sr VP Innovation & Solutions.  

Rahul shared information on the lab's state-of-the-art digital media studio, its technology enabled resources, secure servers, fiber connectivity, satellite capabilities for video collaboration, and extensive working space. HCEG member organizations that are members of AHIP have free and low-cost access to the lab and its servicing partners. Contact Rahul at 202.778.1143 or for more information.

HCEG Attendance & Presentations at
AHIP's CX & Digital Health Forum

HCEG, along with several of its members and sponsor partners, were in strong attendance at last week's AHIP Consumer Experience & Digital Health Forum with presentations and exhibits. HCEG board member Ferris Taylor moderated a session titled "Where is Digital Health Headed in 2017?" Ferris also participated on a panel discussion titled "The Success of Pokémon Go and What Health Care Can Learn from It" while Eamonn Johnston of HCEG member Horizon BCBS of NJ co-presented "Insight-Driven Member Engagement in the Digital Era."

In addition to HCEG and select members, our sponsor partners Softheon, HealthSparq, and NTT Data all had table top exhibits at the AHIP forum event.  

More Information on the AHIP-related Events
Coming Your Way Soon

Additional information from the ELF and AHIP forum will be shared with HCEG members later this week and over the following two weeks via a series of blog posts, newsletters and special members-only emails. So be sure to keep an eye open and also check out HCEG's website at You may also want to view HCEG's FaceBook page, LinkedIn page, and consider following HCEG on Twitter at @HCExecGroup.
But Wait! There's More - For HCEG Members Only

Later this week and over the following two weeks, HCEG will be creating and curating information from the three events noted above - the HCEG Executive Leadership Forum, the AHIP Customer Experience & Digital Health Forum and HealthSparq's Webinar: Using Incentives to Drive Shopping Behavior. This information will be shared directly with HCEG Members.

If you're not a HCEG member and would like more information on becoming a member, please see and/or contact Juliana Ruiz at