January 2020
HCI Monthly News & Updates
Message from our Board Chair

Happy New Year my friends! Are your resolutions made? Yeah, me neither. I’ve tried to exercise more; I prefer sleep. I’ve tried to cut out Diet Coke; HA! I want to make a change, so I think this year my resolution is to find more joy. I can usually find the humor in just about everything, but to truly find joy and appreciate each moment, even when they can seem junky, is a challenge I’m going to accept.

Something to be joyful about – Peer Group is only a few weeks away!! I’m looking forward to meeting our new bank directors and reconnecting with the seasoned members. If you haven’t yet registered, there is still a little time left to get in. You don’t want to miss out on the informative education sessions and networking with your peers. I learn something new every time we get together, and it's always a good feeling when you are with people who get what you do, have the same issues and make you feel a little less crazy in our crazy little travel world.

So raise a glass! Here’s to 2020! May your new year be blessed and full of joy!

Melanie Davis, CBCD
Farmers Savings Bank & Trust
Vinton, IA
Fifteen new bankers and 8 new partners registered for Peer Group!!

We wanted to give a quick update on our first time attendee registrations. We are excited to have so many new delegates joining us in Independence this year.

If you have not yet signed up, please do so this week in order to help provide accurate headcounts for our preparations.


Don't miss out! Register by January 17
2020 Peer Group Conference Independence, Missouri
February 24 - 28, 2020

Check out the Monday Sightseeing Tour and make plans to be a part of the fun!

Many club directors struggle with pricing trips in a way that consistently yields a profit. HCI has a helpful resource document that can guide you in pricing trips. Check it out!

The corresponding Excel workbooks - and other helpful resources - are only available to our members. For more information on becoming a member, contact Tina Goeske.


We are just 6 weeks from the start of the 2020 Peer Group conference. We have a number of new and interesting education sessions this year that we are excited about sharing with you.

  • Help Me Help You
  • Itinerary Building
  • Trends in Travel
  • Impact of the Election Year
  • Simplifying your Group Air Travel
  • Travel Essentials; Packing & Planning
  • Emergencies on Tour: How to Prepare
  • And more!

Not signed up yet? There's still a little time left. Click here to register for the conference.
Invitation for Bankers and Club Members to Join a Tour

D.L. Evans Bank is excited to offer the Franconia, Bavaria & Passion Play tour to our club members June 3 – 13 th, 2020. We have ten spots available and would love to include any of you or your club members who might be interested in the tour too. The tour is being facilitated by Rick Pharr with CTN Travels, and he is able to arrange airfare from your location to meet the group. If you are interested or would like more information about the tour, pricing, etc., please contact Amy Evans at D.L. Evans Bank. Her email address is aevans@dlevans.com, and her office number is 208-327-5400.
PTO Profile
Travel Dubuque
With everything from rich history and unbeatable natural beauty, to friendly locals and beyond, there’s always something to discover, “Where Iowa Started.”
Some groups come to Dubuque, Iowa, to explore a vibrant river town, while others are attracted by the incredible outdoor experiences, like biking and skiing. For others, the delicious local eats and craft brews hit the spot. No matter what your groups are looking for, the perfect adventure—and more—awaits.
Discover Dubuque for yourself during one of their complimentary familiarization tours, offered monthly during 2020. 
Add a Historic Progressive Dinner to your next Dubuque visit. New to this
experience, is the Fannie Stout house. The three-course dinner experience is paired with a guided tour of Dubuque allowing you, the planner, to enjoy every moment of this unique tour with your guests.
Sleep in luxury, shop at local boutiques, admire priceless works of art, dine with top chefs, and explore Dubuque’s diverse neighborhoods —all without having to plan a thing. 

Learn more by contacting Whitney Sanger at wsanger@traveldubuque.com or call 563.845.7698.