May 2020
HCI Monthly News & Updates
Message from our Board Chair

As Sloth from the Goonies would yell, “Hey - You - Guys!!”

I hope this newsletter is finding you well and still hanging in there. In the past, I would be running from work to some sporting event that one or multiple kids were having, eating in the car or at the concession stand, texting scores to my husband who would be at another sporting event texting me back their results… Now, I go home to my kids who are starved for attention, greeting me at the door with nonstop chatter of their daily adventures and wondering what is for supper. 

If you know me, you know I love to bake. I used to own a cake/cookie decorating business full time and whipped out 15 various cake orders a week without batting an eye. So, if my kids asked me to make cookies, I’d be all over it. The moment I hear “What is for supper?”, it’s like nails on a chalkboard; you will find me cringing and wanting to run for the hills. I know how to make 5 things, one of which is frozen pizza. Does that count? It does now. My kids do not care what is on the plate, but who is around the table. All six of us. We pray and enjoy our time together. With my kids, it's always entertaining, so you get dinner and a show.

Listening to my kids talk about everything they did throughout their day is like listening to the movie Goonies. Huge imaginations, exploring in the woods behind my house, making ramps, inventing new games, catching snakes… it puts a positive spin on all this crazy. Strip away all the unnecessary and refocus on what is really important. We have completed several puzzles, watched many movies, worked out in the yard…together. My hope for my kids when they are grown and have kids of their own is that they tell the stories of this time like this: “When I was a kid, there was this pandemic, and it was the best time....”

Speaking of best time, check out the Peer Group Wrap-up page. It's fun to look back on the great time we had back in February. It only feels like forever-ago.

As we look to the future, I want to let you know that HCI has put together a Contingency Council who, along with the Board, will be meeting this month to do some serious planning for the future and consider alternatives in the event Covid-19 keeps us from offering our regular programming for Fall Forum Training and Peer Group. Due to the crazy happening, we are going to have a great time meeting through Zoom calls! It will be a first for HCI to meet this way, but we are going to roll with the times and still make it work.

HCI is here for you! We are finding new ways to work, new ways to cope and we are doing it together!

Stay awesome!


Melanie Davis, CBCD
Farmers Savings Bank & Trust
Vinton, IA
Check out the 2020 Peer Group Wrap-up
We have created a new web page dedicated to the 2020 Peer Group conference. You will be able to read a summary of the events, access conference resources and view photos. We hope you enjoy reminiscing about all the great fun and education that we had this year.

Rally Calls
We hope that you will continue to join us for the membership Rally Calls to share concerns, strategies and best practices with each other. Together, we will get through this crisis! Our next one will be Friday, May 9 at 10 am CT. Check out HCI's Covid-19 Response site for details.

New Web Page
We have set up a new page on our website to post content related to the coronavirus. You can access it from the menu bar at the top of our homepage - - or use this link.
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Back in January, the HCI office moved to Wisconsin. Please make note of our new address for payments, newsletters and any other correspondence that you send.

PO BOX 363

The phone number remains the same: 952-835-6543.