July 2015

Meet Neko



Neko, 17, is quite an artist. He loves to draw and is very proud of his artistic abilities. He'd like to use his talent and vision to become an engineer one day.

He also has a passion for gymnastics. He rocks a handstand and can walk on his hands, as you can see below. The gymnastics center where he goes to practice is his favorite fun place.

He also likes football. He prefers to watch it on TV though, rather than play it.


Neko also does well in school, earning mostly As and Bs in his classes. His favorite class, besides art, is math. He likes to work with numbers.


He is maturing into a responsible young man. He needs a family to help encourage him to pursue his dreams. He would like a family with other siblings or extended family members with whom he could talk and hang out


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Summer Jobs for Youth Mean More Than Just Money 


A summer job can be so much more than a paycheck for a teenager or young adult. 

Summer jobs are a chance to gain experience, learn solid work habits and make career connections. They are a chance to announce your readiness for the working world.


That is the way we look at it here with our Summer Youth Employment Program. Sure, we appreciate the opportunity to provide young people with a paycheck that will help them pay for necessities or fund next year's college costs or simply to just have fun - but we also look at these jobs as the foundation for future success.


That is why we are grateful to Gov. Kasich, Rep. Alicia Reece and others who recently played a part in granting an additional $500,000 in funding for the program so we can extend it to teens as young as 14.



Can You Take a Great Portrait?


Our 2015 calendar with photos of kids waiting to be adopted was such a big hit that we're starting to plan our 2016 calendar.


So we need really great portraits of the kids we're featuring. We're looking for some photographers who are willing to donate even just one session.

So many kids waiting for adoption don't have the chance to spend time with a good photographer. And the right photo can make all the difference.


Could you be #theone photographer who takes the photo that captures a family's attention for one of our kids?


We would love to hear from you. Please email Jane Prendergast.


Celebration of Dreams


Graduation from high school is a great milestone, one many foster teens aren't able to reach. We were so happy to honor our grads at our annual Celebration of Dreams event in June - 43 of our youth in foster care graduated from high school this year.


The event, on June 18, was a great night for the grads, their families and for those who helped them through. We hosted caseworkers, guardians ad litem, magistrates, officials and other supporters.


We thank The Carol Ann and Ralph V. Haile Jr./U.S. Bank Foundation for helping us put on this big event for our graduates.


This year's event featured Travis Lloyd, a motivational speaker and hip hop artist. The graduates also heard from their peers, two former graduates, Commissioner Todd Portune and supporter Ron McSwain.