June 2015

Meet Taylor


Taylor is a typical teenager who loves music, video games and scary movies.


She likes to keep herself entertained. She also is a big fan of science fiction novels and can often be found with her head in a book.

Taylor is often shy and reserved, but she is polite to the people she meets. In school, Taylor gets good grades and loves to go to her art class - she says it lets her be creative and express herself.

Taylor would like to be adopted by a loving family that can give her individual attention and care. 


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Our Youth Deserve Celebration of Dreams and So Much More 


We are two weeks away from our annual Celebration of Dreams event, an agency celebration for the foster children in our care who overcame great obstacles to graduate high school this year.

We have more than 40 names on the list this year. For many, it will be the only graduation party they experience.


They deserve more than we can ever give. It is an amazing accomplishment for many of these teens that they stuck it out and graduated high school. Foster children are often separated from the only family they know and love, their neighborhood and friends, and the only schools they have ever attended.

We have a great program that helps them succeed despite these challenges. The Kids in School Rule! program is a collaboration to promote improved education outcomes for students in Cincinnati Public Schools who are either in the custody of our agency or under agency protective supervision.


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Could You Be #theone?


One. It's that simple.


It just takes one person to adopt a child and change that child's life forever.


That's why today we're kicking off our new #theone campaign. We're emphasizing the point that it just takes you - just one you - to make this tremendous difference.


Check out the video we put together to introduce the campaign and hashtag.


Please watch our Twitter, Facebook and other social media throughout the summer for reminders that it just takes one. Please help us and share, share, share. 



New HCJFS Outreach Group Making Its Mark



This winter, a group of employees decided to start an outreach group. They wanted to find a way to take their passion for kids and for helping people outside of the walls of our building and put it into projects and events to help the community.


They'll do just that on Father's Day at the Talbert House Fatherhood Celebration at Sawyer Point. They'll be serving drinks and food and helping with arts and crafts, among many other things. The group is called COVE, for Community Outreach Volunteer Effort.


We're proud of the commitment to community these employees are making to build a positive relationship between HCJFS staff and the community we serve.