November 2015

 Meet Lizzy

Lizzy, 10, loves to play. Whether it is inside making up dance routines or outside riding her bike with friends in her neighborhood, she is always having fun.

Lizzy likes meeting new people and making new friends. She is a "girly girl" who enjoys accessorizing and getting her hair done in new styles. She loves to laugh and usually has a big grin on her face.

Lizzy does well in school and is well-liked by all her teachers. After school, she enjoys going to after-school camp where she can play with her friends and get help with her school work.

Lizzy would do well in a family that can give her individual attention and spend one-on-one time with her. She needs  an active family where she is the youngest or only child. She would like a home with a cat or small dog, but not one with larger animals.

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JFS provides support on the path out of poverty

Poverty is an important and growing discussion topic in Cincinnati. Several recent reports have detailed concerns with the number of local children and families living in poverty.

I believe we have an important role in the discussion as the community comes together to address this topic. Most everything we do provides support to those living in poverty.

From our experience, someone doesn't leap out of poverty. It is something that takes a long time, there are a lot of stops and starts, and progress is incremental.

People living in poverty come from all demographics. Our programs are open to all - no one is excluded.  Anyone meeting eligibility standards can obtain services and our goal is to work with them on a long-term path out of poverty.

Our largest-ever adoption day ceremony

Friday, Nov. 20 was a great day for HCJFS - 17 children in foster care were adopted into eight families. It was our largest-ever National Adoption Day event.

The hallway outside the Hamilton County Probate courtroom was filled with happy families and friends as they waited for their turn to appear before Magistrate Rogena Stargel. She stood in for Judge Ralph Winkler, who was hurt in a motorcycle accident last month. The judge did make it to court in time to pose for a photo with the Schum acher family, which adopted six siblings.

Congratulations to our families as well as to our Children's Services staff members who work so hard to find families for our kids and then work with the families and children to get them ready for finalization.

Start collecting hats, gloves, scarves

Remember all those suitcases donated last winter so kids in foster care wouldn't have to carry their belongings in garbage bags? Yes, we got thousands!

The driving forces behind that successful campaign - public relations guru Julie Phillippi Whitney and Sibcy Cline Realtors - are switching it up this year to collect gloves, hats and scarves for kids in foster care.

They're calling it Gloves for Love and collecting hats, scarves and mittens starting Jan. 4. Items can be dropped off at any of the 22 Sibcy Cline locations throughout Greater Cincinnati and Dayton.

Thank you for donating winter wear to keep our kids in foster care warm.

Follow the campaign on its  Facebook page.