November 2015

Tremain turns 10 in November and describes himself as respectful, intelligent, courteous and pleasant. He says people have been commenting lately about how tall he has grown.

Tremain doesn't really like school, but he is academically on target. He does like gym class. In his free time, he likes a lot of physical activity too - rock climbing, bowling, kickball. He likes to watch soccer on TV.

He's active in church, where he is an usher.

He likes to listen to music, including to Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson. He likes to watch the Disney Channel and Nick at Nite. His favorite show these days is the Descendants, a movie about the children of famous Disney characters.

He plays video games, Halo being his favorite. He loves hamburgers.

And he is very proud of himself for something that happened at school recently - he saw a student being a bully and he reported it to a teacher.

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It's November: Join us as we celebrate adoption

November is national Adoption Month. As we do every year, we have a lot planned.

Nov. 20 is our mass adoption ceremony, which always draws a lot of attention. But even before that, you will see our presence in the community.

Throughout the month, we will supply a few local coffee shops with coffee sleeves that depict some of our children awaiting adoption, along with our HCKids logo and website information. We hope the sleeves will draw people to our website,, where they can see pictures, videos and biographies of our waiting children.

This is our second year doing the sleeves. It is a great way to raise awareness throughout the month. If you, or someone you know, own a coffee shop or other type of business that goes through large volumes of coffee, we would be happy to supply you with coffee sleeves. Just reach out.

The sleeves will be a daily reminder of the work we do here and the 200 children who are waiting for parents to step up and change their lives. The mass adoption ceremony will be a big event that shows people the power of adoption. 

Could you be #theone?

Our social media adoption campaign has gone international.

While backstage in London for the start of the UK Warped Tour, the band Black Veil Brides took pictures with our green foam hands. As part of a joint promotion with Kerrang magazine, they shared the photo on Instagram, where it was seen by more than 6,000 people.

On the agency's social media channels, an additional 700 people have seen the photo with the popular band. There is an HCJFS connection to the BVB - lead singer and founder Andy Biersack is the son of Employee Relations Manager Chris Biersack.

Stay tuned for pictures of more celebrities wearing our "Could you be #theone?" foam fingers.

Thank you for supporting the BIG Day of Foster Care

Hundreds of foster parents, social workers and others who support foster care filled the council chambers at Cincinnati City Hall on Oct. 26 to show elected leaders the importance of foster care.

HCJFS has joined the #cincyfostercare effort, led by Child Focus Inc. and Cincinnati City Councilman Charlie Winburn, who was once a foster child. The groups hope that working together will bring more attention to foster care, attract more new foster parents and possibly see foster care get some funding in the next city budget.

It's great to be part of such a collaborative effort for such a worthy cause.