September 2015

Meet Will

William, 12, is an adorable and intelligent young man who loves listening to country music and watching movies.

He likes to sing and color pictures to give to others. William even has a s pecial trick; he can make his eyes shake. He ca n't explain how he makes his pupils vibrate back and forth, he just can.

William is very laid back and prefers quieter activities like putting together puzzles or reading a book.

William is very thoughtful, warm and loving and would do well with structure. He excels with one-on-one attention and is looking for a caring and patient family that can provide involvement and affection.

This pleasant and responsible boy would do best in an active home.

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Child care: We help thousands every year

What is the price of peace of mind? Some working parents, unfortunately, can't afford it.

We help.

Nearly 25,000 Hamilton County children received child care assistance from our agency last year. These are children whose parents have annual incomes below or near the federal poverty level. That is about $24,000 for a family of four.

For these parents, going to work or school (to prepare for future employment) could be a worrisome event because they can't afford safe, reliable child care. But with our help, they are able to report to work or school worry free.

Last year, ODJFS spent nearly $94 million funding safe care to 25,000 Hamilton County children. Child Care providers receive $150 per week, per child, on average. That safe care allows more than 25,000 parents to work or prepare for work and helps more than 1,200 different Hamilton County child care providers keep their small businesses open.

Child support month: driver's license amnesty extended


Our August amnesty program for people whose driver's licenses were suspended because of failure to pay child support was so successful we're extending it through September.

We collected more than $35,000 in child support in August from 111 people who paid some of what they owe and signed repayment agreements. They hadn't paid any support for at least three months. We reinstated their driver's licenses. 

So please, if you know anyone whose license is suspended because of past-due child support, please tell them to call us. We're ready to help. 946-SETS.

Meet the Markowskis, family of almost 10
While she was growing up, Amy Markowski lived with foster kids moving in to her family's house. So she knew a lot about fostering and felt called to follow in her parents' footsteps.
She and her husband, Joel, adopted three this summer - Marlayshia, 7, Bryson, 3, and Charlynn, 1. They fostered the sibling set since November 2012, so the kids were already adjusted to their home and happy to have more siblings. There are six children in the home now and three others are grown.
"We call it organized chaos," Amy says, laughing.
She offered this tip for managing such a large household: On car rides, assign seats. That helps cut down on the arguments over who sits next to whom.
And the family's about to grow again. Amy is pregnant and due this fall with what will be their tenth child.