Autumn Harvest Benefit
Fiesta with us at Holy Cross Ministries' 2022 Autumn Harvest Benefit! This year's event will be at the beautiful Cleone Peterson Eccles Alumni House on the University of Utah campus.

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Education Programming Spotlight
Happy Endings
Maria Elena, parent educator at HCM’s Parents as Teachers (PAT) Program, began working with *Pedro’s family and instantly noticed that Pedro, who was 14 months old, was behind in his speech. Pedro would only make a few sounds but no words to express himself. Maria Elena soon became familiar with Pedro’s history of ear infections and ensured he received the assistance needed to succeed.

Surgery was the only option for Pedro after losing his hearing. His mother was given resources and was connected to HCM’s Promotor/a Outreach Program to ensure that his medical expenses were covered. Pedro's family received emergency assistance from the Park City Community Foundation's Pilot Emergency Assistance Fund via the PAT Program for his recovery and to receive support from an early intervention program.

Today, Pedro’s progress has been amazing. He is learning new words now that he can hear, and Maria Elena is overjoyed to experience his growth firsthand. The PAT Program is delighted to be able to support families during difficult times like these and see the happy endings. 
Health Programming Spotlight
Seeking Empowerment
After being a victim of domestic violence, HCM's Legal Immigration Program helped *Maria apply for a U-Visa, which is available to victims of crime who cooperate with law enforcement. Consumed with fear, she stopped working on the U-Visa process and was referred to HCM’s Counseling Program due to difficulties functioning in all areas of life after the abuse. Through therapy, she was able to understand the reactions of the nervous system after trauma, learn new techniques to handle these reactions and feel safe in the present. Maria is still processing some aspects of trauma, but she has improved functioning in all areas of life. She not only has been able to return to work, but also decided to continue her court process and her application to obtain her U-Visa. 

"The sensation of danger that victims of crime experienced during the traumatic episode remains in the body even when they are safe in the present," says Ivonne Campbell, Director of HCM's Counseling Program. "We are here to help them process the physical, emotional and psychological aspects of the memory. Our Health Outreach Program helps clients with their social needs and the legal department helps them with their immigration needs. It really is a wraparound service that empowers clients in all aspects of their life."
HCM's Counseling services now provided in Wasatch County
Our counseling department was awarded a Multicultural Rural Mental Health Grant that allows our therapists to expand bilingual bicultural services into Wasatch County. Holy Cross Ministries deploys a therapist twice a week to see clients at the health department, high school, and, soon, the behavioral health clinic near Heber hospital. We hope that deploying therapists closer to the clients’ homes' will reduce the transportation and childcare constraints that frequently prevent them from receiving much-needed therapy services.

Thank you to the Utah Division of Multicultural Affairs, the Wasatch Community Foundation, the Mental Wellness Fund of the Park City Community Foundation and the Marriott Daughters Foundation for making this expansion possible.
We'd like to welcome our new bilingual/bicultural therapist!
Olga Sanchez is stationed in Dallas, Texas and provides telehealth services for our HCM clients. For the past 14 years, Olga has dealt with both victims and offenders involved in the criminal court system and has held a variety of positions in law enforcement. We are thrilled to welcome Olga to the HCM Counseling Program!
Justice Programming Spotlight
A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
The Department of Homeland Security, through U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), provides immigration benefits to people who are entitled to stay in the U.S. on a temporary or permanent basis. These benefits include granting of U.S. citizenship to those who are eligible to naturalize, authorizing individuals to reside in the U.S. on a permanent basis, and providing noncitizens with the eligibility to work in the United States.

It is not unusual for USCIS Officers to request more information when an application for employment authorization is submitted. It can take months before an employment authorization document (EAD) is issued and it is easy to get overwhelmed by endless correspondence and overflowing envelopes delivered to our mailbox on a daily basis. 
Sample employment authorization document from the USCIS
Recently, our Immigration Services Manager captured an image so stirring that she shared it with everyone at Holy Cross Ministries. Maribel Real’s message is meaningful and uplifting: 

Just received US Mail at HCM and found this abundance! I truly want to give a shout out to our amazing Justice Department team. We received 23 of these gems today that are either a work permit or a lawful permanent resident card. Either one is life-changing to our clients, and we are so excited for them. 
Thank you to our team for all your hard work, dedication, and most especially your big hearts that are full of compassion and empathy. It is truly my privilege to work with each of you. You each go the extra mile to change and improve the lives of others!
* In order to protect the privacy of those we serve, an alternative name and image is used for this HCM client.
Live PC Give PC
Holy Cross Ministries will be participating in Live PC Give PC — an annual day of online giving — on November 4, 2022. This is your opportunity to support HCM as well as other amazing nonprofits providing services in the Park City community.

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2021 Annual Report
In 2021, HCM served 3,411 individuals and made 2,889 connections to critical resources. To learn more about how our health outreach, mental health counseling, early childhood education and legal immigration programs worked to meet unprecedented need, please see our annual report in full.
Holy Cross Ministries (HCM) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing health, education and justice services to families in Utah regardless of race, religion, income or any other defining characteristic. We hope you enjoy the following updates and stories about our work this fall.

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