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The Utah Nonprofits Association has awarded Holy Cross Ministries a Nonprofit Organizational Credential Badge! Utah Nonprofits Association awards these badges to organizations that have proven best practices and Holy Cross Ministries has received the Marketing and Communications Badge. 

We are so proud of this recognition, and strive to continue staying current with best practices in our work. We encourage you to visit Holy Cross Ministries' new website and learn more about UNA's Nonprofit Organizational Credential Training here

Spring Newsletter

Holy Cross Ministries' Promotoras (bilingual, community health workers) are located in low-income clinics in Salt Lake and Summit County to help families, like Marisol's, navigate the healthcare system. Marisol's family did not have health insurance, which is critical for all families to lead healthy lives but especially in this case, given that Marisol's son has complex medical needs, including a heart condition. She had tried to apply for Medicaid on her own, but needed help in the process. That is where HCM stepped in. One of HCM's Promotoras was able to assist Marisol with the application process and we just received word that her application was approved! This one small step closer to health and well-being is thanks to partners like The People's Health Clinic where HCM's Promotoras are stationed, and our generous supporters from campaigns like Love UT Give UT who help keep this critical program free for those who need it most.  

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During the school break in February, HCM provided full day programming for the students in the Park City Afterschool Program. This is an opportunity for children who may not have the luxury of family vacations, or a parent who is able to stay home with them during the break to engage in some great activities. This year, HCM coordinated ice skating (which was a first for some of the children!), swimming at the local pool, and a movie afternoon to watch Moana in collaboration with the Park City Film Series
HCM will continue offering activities for children during the school year and over the summer. One of the program's coordinators, Gracie Cortes, commented on the joy that it is to sit down and listen to a child read. "As their confidence grows it is so rewarding, and when they say 'Mrs. Gracie I'm getting better at reading' (their words) it is priceless." 

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 Spotlight: Pro Bono Asylum Project

HCM hosted a training session for legal professionals who are interested in supporting and partnering with HCM's efforts to provide free asylum legal services, primarily to women and children. This project began in 2016 in response to the overwhelming need for pro bono representation. As a result of this collaborative project, HCM is currently the only non-profit in the state of Utah recognized by the Salt Lake City Immigration Court as a Pro Bono Legal Service Provider for asylum seekers. 

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We believe that everyone deserves a bright future, which is why we partner with organizations to provide health, education, and justice services in our community. 

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