Dear Humboldt County Community,

The troubling events of recent days require us to once again come together as community to share our unified outrage regarding the injustice and blatant disregard for the life and murder of Minnesota-resident, Mr. George Floyd and also for countless other people of color, both in recent years and over the centuries of our nation's history.

Humboldt County Office of Education (HCOE) stands in solidarity with those voicing anguish, anger, and frustration. As educators, we have an obligation to support our young people and community. Our responsibility is to utilize this moment to model and take a stand against injustice and inequity. Now is the time to serve our young people by listening, communicating with honesty, uniting against racism, and against violent and destructive behavior. 

Every student has the right to learn in an inclusive culture that grows and is enriched from the incredible strength of diversity. Let us educate and raise our voices on behalf of our children and use this moment as an opportunity to bring about lasting change.  We must identify the racism and biases within ourselves and be courageous in identifying and eliminating the same in our schools and community.  

This newsletter provides resources, examples of local school based activities and programs, as well as upcoming events that can help our young people make sense of what they are seeing and hearing. I am so thankful for the incredible work of our local educators who are embracing this moment as a catalyst for growth, for justice and for action.

With Gratitude,

Chris Hartley , Ed.D