Through a combination of persistence and social media crowdfunding, community members in McKinleyville went above and beyond to honor the Mack High Class of 2020.

Upon realizing that a traditional graduation walk wasn’t in the cards, Tracy Helard-Shumard had the idea to line Central Avenue with banners of McKinleyville High seniors. She first reached out to principal Nic Collart about the idea, and then contacted the McKinleyville Community Services District to see if it was possible.

Greg Orsini at MCSD gave her the green light, so Helard-Shumard turned to Facebook for the all-important financial component, and the community came through big-time. Within an hour and a half of her post, she had raised over $3,500. 

With help from MHS senior Hailee Henry on the photos, and James Chase at Chase Ink for the printing, Helard-Shumard’s dream was quickly realized, and now photos of the MHS senior class adorn utility poles all the way from School Road to Pickett Road. Thanks to all those who contributed to help make this happen!