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Happy (almost) Valentine's Day from your friends at Harbor Children's Therapy! We hope that your new year is off to a great start, and want to share the following articles, announcements, and toy specials with you, especially as we enter a time of "sharing the love." 

Valentine Crafts for

Special Needs Kids

Valentine's Day's messages of love and friendship can be particularly heartwarming for those with special needs. Give your child or students the chance to get into the holiday spirit and share their feelings with friends and loved ones by helping them create Valentine's cards and crafts.

Valentine's Day 
Treats for Those with Dietary Concerns  
Valentine's Day can be a sugar-powered swirl of unsafe edibles, confusing feelings and school exclusion for a child with special needs -- and one that makes parents feel overwhelmed and lost a little, too.

Valentine Hugs
and Relaxation
Children with special needs don't have it easy and they are often stressed as they struggle to "fit in" and control their emotions. While relaxation skills are important for all children, they can dramatically improve the life of special needs children, helping them to calm and relax themselves.


HCT will be OPEN Monday, February 20th (Presidents' Day)


HCT will be OPEN during Mid-Winter Break (Feb. 20-24)


Please notify your therapist if you will not be attending a session for any reason

Chewy Tube Logo 
 For those kids that like to give "love bites" or need an extra bit of oral motor input, Knobby Chewy Tubes are for sale in the P4P toy room at HCT.

Chewy Tubes "are innovative oral motor devices designed to provide a resilient, non-food, chewable surface for practicing biting and chewing skills. Chewy Tubes offer a safe, non-toxic surface for developing biting and chewing skills,
and are latex-free and lead-free. In addition, they do
not contain PVC or phthalates."


Visit us today to purchase one! 





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          Huggalug Logo
Just in time for Valentine's Day!
Give your special little one a hug that they can wear all day with Huggalugs. Designed to fit children's arms and legs, Huggalgus add fashion and warmth to any day.
Huggalugs are great for the child with therapeutic needs thanks to the compression/deep pressure they provide, which leads to increased levels of seratonin for relaxation and body awareness. Perfect for children that are difficult to calm or soothe, and for those that need to practice awareness of their body parts in space.
*50% discount off normal retail prices! Buy two for $12
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