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Play 4 Purpose Summer Toys


The summer months are finally rolling around, and P4P has toys to meet all of your gross motor and outdoor play needs. Gross motor development includes the ability to control the large muscles of the body for activities such as walking, running, sitting, and crawling, all of which are integral to outdoor play. Whether it's a scooter, peanut ball, or hoppity hop, P4P has the toys for encouraging strength, balance, and bilateral skills. Visit us at the office or on the web to see what's new.

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Ice Cream Cones 
Sensory Integration Topics-
Taste and Smell Sensitivity
by Family Education.com   

Working together, taste and smell give great pleasure and satisfaction to most of us. For some children with SI dysfunction, many tastes and smells can be repulsive. For kids who are affected, life really stinks - from that minty toothpaste and your coffee in the morning to the musty school bus, detergent on other kids' clothes, wood pencils, the school bathroom, and the typical smelly lunchroom.


Understanding Food Issues

Most of us automatically tune out most smells other than those that are particularly disgusting or wonderful. But some of us can't. Certain odors can be so noxious that they overwhelm a child and interfere with learning, playing, and, well...being a kid. The smell defensive child can be so offended by odors that she truly can't shift attention from her nose to anything else. Then there are other kids who want to smell everything. One kindergartner Lindsey worked with used to wander around the classroom snorting everything, from blocks to clay to his teacher's hair.

A child who is undersensitive to taste often craves extra flavor, going for spicy potato chips, extra salt on his fries, lemon, and Tabasco sauce on his hamburger. (Eating strong-flavored foods can also be a symptom of zinc deficiency.) The taste defensive child may well be reacting to the smell of the food rather than the actual taste. Very often, however, a picky eater is really a child who avoids or seeks a particular texture. This is a tactile issue. A child may eat only foods that are smooth and creamy like yogurt or bananas. A child with weak jaw muscles may avoid chewy foods like meat or bagels. A child who craves crunchy, crispy things like pretzels and fried chicken may be seeking sensory input in the joints and muscles of his mouth. Another child may also be reacting to visual issues. A child might refuse to eat food that moves, such as Jell-O, or insist on only white foods: spaghetti with butter, cream cheese, saltines, chicken, egg whites, and vanilla ice cream........


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4th of July Closure

HCT will be closed Monday, July 4th in observance of the national holiday. We will reopen Tuesday, July 5th for normal office hours.


Parent Reminder

Please inform your therapist of dates when your family will be on vacation this summer to avoid losing your scheduled time slot


 Summer Boredom Busters

Worried about keeping the kids active this summer? Visit these websites for great boredom-busting ideas.

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Local Summer Camps

Looking for local summer camps? The following camps are close and popular picks for many of our clients' families  

YMCA Camp Seymour- 

Gig Harbor, WA


YMCA Day Camps-

Pierce and Kitsap Co.


Miracle Ranch- CristaCamps-

Port Orchard, WA


Skyhawks Sport Camps-

Gig Harbor, WA



Magic Bubble Recipe

-2 cups "Lemon Joy" dishwashing detergent
-6 cups cold water
-3/4 cup Karo Corn Syrup
*Mix, shake, and let settle
*Skim off excess foam with a stiff card
*Run outside and enjoy

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