Program Highlights
The symposium will bring together keynote lectures from outstanding senior investigators and rising stars in virology, immunology, and liver disease. Below is just a taste of the thought-provoking program we have built for you.

  • Challenges of HCV Elimination | Jordan Feld, Canada
  • Advances in HCV Diagnostics and Point of Care Testing | Jean-Michel Pawlotsky, France
  • Tracking HCV Transmission using Next Generation Sequencing | Rowena Bull, Australia
  • Broad spectrum antivirals for Coronavirus infections | Daria Hazuda, USA
  • 30 Years of HCV Virology | Takaji Wakita, Japan
  • Unraveling miR-122 interactions with the HCV genome | Selena Sagan, Canada
  • Epigenetic Signatures Post HCV Cure by Direct-Acting Antivirals | Meital Gal-Tenamy, Israel
  • Update on Immunological Analysis of HCV Vaccine Trial | Andrea Cox, USA
  • Systems Biology to Predict Vaccine Efficacy | Rafick Sekaly, USA
  • HCV, the Next 30 Years | Michael Houghton, Canada
Registration is Open!
Delegates - $250
Trainee* - $100

*Proof of enrollment must be provided during registration
All fees are in CAD
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33 Hours of Programming
Access to Key Insights from Exhibiting Companies
Presence of the Nobel Prize Laureates
25 International Speakers & 30+ Oral Presentations
24/7 Access via the Virtual Platform