August 25, 2020
70 Days to Election Day

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Turning Collin County Blue
Could Gun Control Help Turn the Texas State House Blue?

Gun control advocacy group Everytown For Gun Safety plans to spend $10 million on state legislative races alone this cycle, including $2.5 million on flipping the Texas state House...

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Cornyn-Hegar Race Could Influence Sexual Assault in Military

Vanessa Guillén's high school in Houston was the site of her public memorial service last Friday. Her younger sister, Lupe Guillén, delivered a heart wrenching farewell. "Vanessa Guillén, you will be remembered, honored and respected. Goodbyes...

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New Poll Shows a Close Race for Texas Railroad Commissioner

No Democrat has won statewide office in Texas since 1994, but railroad commissioner candidate Chrysta Castañeda is in striking distance, and her bid could bode well for races throughout the state. A new poll from Global Strategy Group shows a...

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The Most Important Local Governmental Body You’ve Never Heard of
for Collin County Commissioner Pct 1

for Collin County Commissioner Pct 3

The Commissioners Court is like a city council, but for the county. Its decisions impact all our lives from healthcare and infrastructure to property taxes and the county law enforcement and justices of the peace. In Collin County, every current commissioner is a Republican which is a huge problem, since they aren’t big on social services...
Texas Congressional District 3 is Ready to Flip Democratic
US Congress TX District 3 - Collin County

Rachel Bitecofer burst onto the political forecaster scene in early 2020 with a radical concept: “There are no swing voters.” Bitecofer, a professor at Christopher Newport University in Virginia, developed a theory that “swing voters,” people who align to one party but can be convinced to vote for another, are rare enough that they don’t have a significant impact on elections...
"The Magnificent Seven"
Collin County District Court Judge [7 seats]

The "Magnificent Seven" are the seven Democratic candidates for District Judge in Collin County. These candidates are experienced, committed to service and dedicated to bringing fairness and balance back to the county. Today, every court in Collin County is presided over by Republicans who were appointed or who have not faced serious accountability in a competitive General Election in many years. It's time for a change: new perspectives, broader legal experience, and diversity that reflects a changing Collin County. Be sure to vote all the way down the ballot - vote for the Magnificent Seven!
More information about our Collin County and Statewide Candidates is available on our Collin County Democratic Party website.
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