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March 2019
One Love March Escalation Workshop
Dear HDFS community,

This month we highlight our robust, successful undergraduate programs and the excellent faculty and staff who lead them. Early Childhood Education, Human Services, and Human Relations Administration each have growing enrollments and provide national models for applied programs that feature undergraduate research, applied internship experiences and diversified student teaching placements. In HDFS we prioritize student success and inclusive excellence. I thank all of you for making HDFS such a great department.

Bahira Sherif Trask, HDFS department chair
Scholarly Engagement
From left: Bahira Sherif Trask, HDFS Chair, Robin Morgan, UD Provost, Steve Gavazi, visiting scholar
In February, HDFS and the Provost Office, hosted Steve Gavazzi, Ohio State University professor and author of Land-Grant Universities for the Future: Higher Education for the Common Good . His book examines present challenges to and future opportunities for these institutions. Steve delivered an engaging and thought provoking talk to a group consisting of faculty, staff and students from various departments on campus. An active discussion with the audience followed the presentation.
Faculty & Student Spotlights
Norma Gaines-Hanks pictured with graduating HMSV students and in Barbados during Winter Session study abroad program
For over 20 years, Norma Gaines-Hanks, HDFS associate professor, has been serving as Human Services coordinator as well as leading Winter Session service-learning study abroad programs to South Africa and Barbados. We have been able to expand the number and types of placements for our ever-growing population of Human Service interns whose interests are multifaceted. Our students complete a minimum of 400 hours in a range of settings such as school guidance counseling, mental health, occupational health, disabilities services, victims’ advocacy, fundraising/development, early childhood programs, community services, and the court system.

The study abroad programs (which are open to any University undergraduate) include 50 hours of placement within children orphanages and primary schools, as well as with agencies that provide services for those affected with or impacted by HIV/AIDS. The internships and the study abroad programs share a focus on "service learning"—where students not only provide a “service” but they also “learn”—about their targeted population and themselves—through discussions and reflections.
Lynn Worden, HDFS associate professor and undergraduate coordinator, oversees academic advisement for all undergrads in the three majors: Early Childhood Education, Human Services, and Human Relations Administration. Lynn, along with our colleague Danielle Dolan, make it a priority to ensure that all students get the academic advice and guidance they need to graduate on time. Lynn feels it is her privilege to meet many of our students while they are in high school or before they transfer to UD from another institution. In Lynn's words, "I love watching their progress until they are awarded their BS degrees several years later, sometimes, I’m even fortunate enough to be the one to read their names at our college Convocation!"
Danielle Dolan, HDFS academic advisor, has been involved with the Human Relations Administration major since its inception, helping to design the major to meet the growing student interest in human resources and workplace dynamics. Not only has she helped to establish the curriculum for the major and to propose an Honors Degree for it, she has assisted with student recruitment for the program, making connections with local organizations for internship opportunities and advising the current students, who just this spring formed the Human Resources Student Chapter RSO on campus.
The HDFS Concentration in Community-Based Social Entrepreneurship is up and running with several new and continuing initiatives being coordinated by Stephanie Raible, HDFS assistant professor:

The SEIR program has fostered a stronger university-community connection through hosting two local social entrepreneurs (Latiaynna Tabb and Jason Aviles) for a month-long residency program on campus, which provides additional value to our social entrepreneurship classes and campus community broadly. CEHD, in partnership with Horn Entrepreneurship, will be offering a nine-credit certificate in Social Entrepreneurship, which is available to undergraduate students across campus. In addition to these on-going initiatives, Stephanie will be directing the Department's first social entrepreneurship study abroad program in Berlin and Munich, Germany, scheduled to run in Winter 2020. Students are able to apply for this program through April 20, 2019. Learn more.
Nadisha Downs is a graduate student in the HDFS Master’s Program with a concentration in Adolescent and Youth Development/Research. Her research areas of interests focus on the exposure to community violence, mental health outcomes, and risk/protective factors among African American youth in urban communities. As part of Nadisha’s graduate assistant duties, she serves as the teaching assistant for Life Span Development, taught by Rob Palkovitz, HDFS professor. She also works in the the HDFS Advisement Center helping undergraduate students with course selection.

Nadisha is very passionate about reaching the youth in her community and has recently been volunteering with an organization that offers a variety of programs and services for youth ages 12-18. Nadisha says, “I am heartfelt about making a significant impact in my community by reaching young people in any way I can.”
Seeing a need for professional development opportunities for the new HRA majors, Kajal Zala and Haley Meyer (from right to left) decided to create a Human Resources Student Chapter at UD. They are hoping to provide networking, skills, and career advice in the growing field of HR to HRA majors and all other students interested. They have had an extremely positive experience working with both the HDFS department and the Student Involvement Center.

This month, they are hosting the first speaker event and in the future, they are also working on getting involved with SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) in order to provide more career development opportunities for students on campus.
Alumni Making a Difference
Theresa Dell’Angelo recently graduated from the HDFS program, majoring in Human Services and minoring in Disabilities Studies. In her HMSV classes, specifically HDFS 235 with Dr. Gaines-Hanks, she discovered a passion for child welfare and working within the foster care system. She had the opportunity to witness the international impact of this realm in January 2018, when she studied abroad in South Africa. Since then, she has felt the need to learn and act more in order to make a larger impact in this area.

Theresa is planning to continue to follow this passion in August 2019, when she will be leaving for Uganda for 6 months to do mission work with Heal Ministries, teaching about family preservation and sustainability in the social work and photography departments.
Upcoming Events
Social Entrepreneurship Series:
Katie Hood, One Love Foundation
March 27th, 3:30 - 4:30 pm
Venture Development Center

Jason Aviles, FLYOGI & Wilmington Green Box
April 10th, 3:30 - 4:30 pm
Venture Development Center

Marvin B. Sussman Award Ceremony
April 26th, 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
The Gallery, Perkins Student Center

Global Research Series
April 26th, 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Ewing Room, Perkins Student Center

Dr. Barbara Settle's 50th Anniversary of Teaching Celebration
April 26th, 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm
The Gallery, Perkins Student Center
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